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Random Shirts!

3 Dec

Yup…I’m back! Sorry that the blog has been so quiet, life/work got in the way. Don’t worry though, I am getting back on the horse and will attempt to keep the posts coming!!! So check back tomorrow for a post about my favorite subject, food!!

Shirt.Woot! did another one of their amazing Random Shirt days. Instead of charging $10 per shirt you can get up to 3 random shirts for only $6.66 each. So check past the break to see what shirts I got!

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Newest Shirt.Woot Addition

17 Nov

I just received my most recent purchase from Shirt.Woot.com and I love it! I ordered “Plumber in the style of Rembrandt.” This shirt came in second place in a shirt.woot derby! The derby was called “Video Games Through Art History.”

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Thanks for the hits Woot!

22 Sep

As my regular readers know, I’ve written about Woot! a few times. Here I wrote about my favorite websites. Twice I written about random shirt days! I posted to let everyone know when the Woot! Off was going on. Most recently I wrote about my Microsoft Zune purchase from Woot! This post was about the Zune, not Woot! and yet this is the post where Woot! decided to share the love.

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Microsoft Zune

17 Sep

I know many of you are looking at that title and scratching your head. You are asking yourself what is a “Zune” and why is Joe going to talk about it and what does Microsoft have to do with it? Well, the Microsoft Zune is an mp3 player widely available as an alternative to the iPod. Is it better than the iPod? In my opinion it is in many aspects.

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9 Sep


So I’m taking ANOTHER day off from My Vacation coverage to let you in on my recent Woot! purchases. First off, the other day was another “Random Shirt Day” so I was able to purchase 3 Woot! shirts for $6.66 each and free shipping. The only trick is that you have no idea what 3 Woot! shirts they will send you. You may remember last time I got random shirts from shirt.Woot.com because I wrote about them in this post.

After being pleasantly surprised last time I decided to go whole hog and get the maximum of 3 shirts! Check past the break to see what shirts I got AND see my most recent STEAL from regular woot.com!

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24 Jul

I’m betting that 98% of you are viewing this blog using the old reliable Microsoft creation Internet Explorer, right? I mean, it came pre-loaded on your computer and that is what you are supposed to use. What if I told you there was something better, faster and customizable?

What if I told you it was free?

What if I told you that 99.9% of websites will work in exactly like they work in IE? Too good to be true? It’s not!

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It’s a Woot Off!!!

19 Jun

Remember a while back I told you about my favorite websites and mentioned Woot.com? I mentioned that they sell ONE item per day until they were sold out. Well, that is everyday except Woot Off days and today is a Woot Off!!

This means they sell a BUNCH of items one at a time. Once this item sells out, the next comes on. There is a little “status bar” below the item picture to let you know how fast they are going!

Go  check it out!! Oh, and be sure to click play on the Woot Cast, I LOVE that song on Woot Off days!!!

My Favorite Websites!

31 May

So people are asking me all the time “Joe, what are your favorite blogs/websites?”

Ok, so they don’t really, but I thought I would share some secrets…

My Favorite Blogs (I have all of these on my RSS feeds):

What A World… – Good friends blog about her life…

Uni Watch – A blog about Uniforms in Sports…

Engadget – A technology blog…how I keep up with the new stuff

Nintendo Wii Fanboy– A blog for all things Nintendo (Yes, I’m a fanboy!)

Slashfood – A blog about food. Some neat recipes and ideas.

Other Favorite Sites:

Zero Punctuation– My favorite British born, Australia living game reviewer named Yahtzee! New video every Wednesday. Language is NSFW.

Woot! – They sell ONE item a day until its sold out. Item goes on sale at 1am EST.

Wine.Woot! – They sell ONE wine deal per WEEK. Some Awesome stuff with $5 shipping!

Shirt.Woot! – They sell ONE T-Shirt a day until sold out. Including derby winners voted for on the site! All my bestest t-shirts that everyone asks me about come from here!

Jayski’s Silly Season Site – NASCAR news and rumors.

Other than ESPN.com and Arenafootball.com those are just about all the sites that I visit daily! Check them out!