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It’s a Woot! Off!!!

24 Mar

I’ve talked about Woot! a lot on here. But I wanted to use this time to tell everyone that it is a Woot! OFF!!!!

This means Woot! is going to be selling lots of things today. An item will only be on sale until they run out so be quick!!!! Enjoy it everyone!! I hope you get a bag of crap!


8 Dec

If you have read my blog at all, you know what Woot! is. Check out Woot! today for something they don’t normally do, sell more than one thing!

Today they will continue to list new items every time an item sells out!!

Also, check out kids.woot and deals.woot, Woot!’s two newest sites!

I told you I was going to try to post more often!!

It’s a Woot Off!!!

19 Jun

Remember a while back I told you about my favorite websites and mentioned Woot.com? I mentioned that they sell ONE item per day until they were sold out. Well, that is everyday except Woot Off days and today is a Woot Off!!

This means they sell a BUNCH of items one at a time. Once this item sells out, the next comes on. There is a little “status bar” below the item picture to let you know how fast they are going!

Go  check it out!! Oh, and be sure to click play on the Woot Cast, I LOVE that song on Woot Off days!!!