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Sake by SakeOne

26 Mar

As I’ve told you before I enjoy Woot.com and its sister sites. I’ve purchased many a shirt from Shirt.Woot and gadgets from Woot! What I have never written about is the fact that I have also purchased my fix of wine from Wine.Woot!

The booty!

The booty!

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Random Woot! Shirts Part 3? 4?

20 Jan

I don’t know really how many random shirts I’ve purchased in the past year or two, but I LOVE me some random shirts. So much so that I got my friend hooked too, though she normally can only muster up the balls to buy one.

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Thanks for the hits Woot!

22 Sep

As my regular readers know, I’ve written about Woot! a few times. Here I wrote about my favorite websites. Twice I written about random shirt days! I posted to let everyone know when the Woot! Off was going on. Most recently I wrote about my Microsoft Zune purchase from Woot! This post was about the Zune, not Woot! and yet this is the post where Woot! decided to share the love.

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My Favorite Websites!

31 May

So people are asking me all the time “Joe, what are your favorite blogs/websites?”

Ok, so they don’t really, but I thought I would share some secrets…

My Favorite Blogs (I have all of these on my RSS feeds):

What A World… – Good friends blog about her life…

Uni Watch – A blog about Uniforms in Sports…

Engadget – A technology blog…how I keep up with the new stuff

Nintendo Wii Fanboy– A blog for all things Nintendo (Yes, I’m a fanboy!)

Slashfood – A blog about food. Some neat recipes and ideas.

Other Favorite Sites:

Zero Punctuation– My favorite British born, Australia living game reviewer named Yahtzee! New video every Wednesday. Language is NSFW.

Woot! – They sell ONE item a day until its sold out. Item goes on sale at 1am EST.

Wine.Woot! – They sell ONE wine deal per WEEK. Some Awesome stuff with $5 shipping!

Shirt.Woot! – They sell ONE T-Shirt a day until sold out. Including derby winners voted for on the site! All my bestest t-shirts that everyone asks me about come from here!

Jayski’s Silly Season Site – NASCAR news and rumors.

Other than ESPN.com and Arenafootball.com those are just about all the sites that I visit daily! Check them out!