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Wii Fit Week Six!

2 Mar

First off, sorry about the two days with no posts! I got busy with work and life (though I could still use a life) and didn’t have the time. But fear not, I still have a Wii Fit Update for you today!

Can you believe this is Week Six already!?!? Time sure flies! As always, if you are new or want to check up on my progress feel free to check out Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four and Week Five!

As you know (especially if you just clicked those links I made) last week I weighed in at just under 229! How did I do this week? Check it out:

Coming down!

Coming down!

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Wii Fit Week One!

26 Jan

So last week I told you that I planned on trying to do a “series” of blogs about my progress on Wii Fit. I am trying to do 40 total minutes of Wii Fit a day. With 30 of that being spread between the Aerobic, Strength and Yoga exercises and the last 10 being on the balance “games.” I was just over 238 pounds to start last week and while my first two days of Wii Fit I actually gained weight, I kept with it and my weight Sunday is just UNDER 236. Over 2 pounds lost in a week is pretty good for me I think! I also have had my BMI drop 32.25 to 32.01, still obese, but better!

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Wii Fit Day One!

19 Jan
It is SOOO pretty!

It is SOOO pretty!

So Sunday was my first day using my own Wii Fit! I’m going to try to do a weekly status update showing my progress! These posts, including today, are going to have information about me that is a little personal, but I don’t really mind letting you guys know how much of a fat ass I am right now, but be warned.

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Wii Fit Shipping Gets Better…Part 3

17 Jan
Image stolen from GayGamer.net

Image stolen from GayGamer.net

For those of you who watch the news or watch Technology Blogs (like me) you know that Circuit City had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008. At that time they closed a bunch of stores, but mine (brand new) and the website were still up and running.

It just happened that I found my WiiFit at CircuitCity.com and I now WISH I had not been cheap and used a quick shipping method. I did not know that between the time I purchased (and paid) for my item and the time it would arrive that they would file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (full liquidation).

Circuit City is gone. It may, like CompUSA, return in some form, but its current form is gone. Over the next few days liquidators will take over the stores, fire the employees, hire temporary workers and begin selling until the stores are empty. And by empty, I mean EMPTY. They will sell everything they can get out the door.

When I read the news yesterday I immediately called Circuit City to find out about a couple things. FIRST, would I be able to exchange my pink mat for another color. The nice young lady told me that they were not doing ANYTHING over the phone, but if I brought it and my reciept to a store they may do an exchange, but no promises.

Today I called the same number and got a disconnection notice. Apparently the nice young lady I spoke to got her pink slip. CircuitCity.com now is down. I’m stuck with a pink mat probably.

I can only PRAY that the WiiFit arrives on Tuesday as scheduled in one piece and in full working order, because I’m pretty sure that I have no recourse if it isn’t.

Wii Fit Shipping Gets Better…AGAIN!?!?!

16 Jan

This is absolutely insane! Shipment 2 of my Wii Fit combo from CircuitCity.com arrived today. I knew something was wrong when Rob asked me if I purchased a bicycle or something. Just like part one, the box is HUGE!

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Wii Fit Shipping Gets Better…

15 Jan

So I told you the other day about how my Wii Fit is making an interesting journey. Three items, three states, three shipping methods.

Well the first package has arrived. The silicon cover arrived and I couldn’t believe what it came in. When I opened the mailbox I couldn’t figure out what I got…

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Wii Fit!

13 Jan

WARNING: This is a bit of a rant…not too bad though.

I FINALLY found myself a Wii Fit (and I didn’t pay more than MSRP!) at CircuitCity.com. There only requirement is that you had to “build your own bundle” with at least two select Wii Fit accessories. That is two out of only 6, and one of the ones I wanted was sold out, and if you tried to back order it, the Wii Fit was yanked out of your cart!

So I bought the Wii Fit (game with balance board), a slipcover (blue) and an “exercise mat.” Being the cheapskate frugal buyer I am, I took advantage of Circuit City’s FREE shipping! YAY!

Unfortunately today I got shipping confirmation letting me know that my three items are coming from THREE DIFFERENT STATES! In three different boxes, using THREE DIFFERENT SHIPPING METHODS! Yea, you got that right!

The slipcover is coming via standard USPS mail from Oklahoma! The “exercise mat” is coming from Pennsylvania via FedEx ground! Finally, the actual Wii Fit is coming via FedEx “Smart Post” from Texas. Smart Post is a bastard of a shipping method to start with. It actually starts out on a FedEx truck but then is delivered to your local Post Office and delivered to your USPS mailbox by your mailman or woman! And if you are like me, you don’t really have a “mail man” you have a subcontractor in street clothes driving a mail truck! The problem is in the hand off, it doesn’t always go well. It also is the slowest because there is an extra DAY (at least) in shipping to do the exchange from FedEx to USPS.

If all goes well I will receive my “exercise mat” on Wednesday, the slipcover on Friday and the actual Wii Fit on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday!).

I really think that Circuit City is screwing with me. I half expect a box full of rocks whenever Smart Post decides to get me my Wii Fit!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR