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Would you like a little rock in your whiskey?

24 Jan

Another of my late (but awesome) Christmas presents from my parents was a set of Whiskey Stones. What are Whiskey Stones? They are rocks that you put in your whiskey of course!

Rocks in my Whiskey

So the idea is simple, ice is made out of water and water is watery and watery things will water down your precious Whiskey! So instead you take polished stones and put them in your freezer. They will then keep your Whiskey chilled while you sip it, but will not water down your precious alcohol.

My Jack Daniels is chillin!

Yesterday I took the opportunity to try out the stones and sure enough I was sipping my Jack Daniels in style. Plus I get to say I have rocks in my Whiskey!

Kitty Update!

16 Aug

At least two people said I should do little updates about the new kitty on my blog so my readers can see her grow up. This also gives me an excuse to take lots and lots of pictures!

So first off, I named her. The recommendation actually came from my wonderful mom and after sleeping on it for a night I decided I liked “Whiskey.” Partially because I am big fan of Jack Daniels, but also, I find her orange-ish patches remind me of the wonderful color of Whiskey! Photos past the break!!!

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