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Running…Part Four!

10 Apr

Yes, I am still doing my running! You can read about my how I’ve done here, here, here and here. I’m still not breaking any speed or distance records but I think I am doing better and I’m actually starting to enjoy it. It still isn’t one of my favorite things to do, but I’m not dreading it quite as much as when I started.

This week I did something that I’m not sure I’ve EVER done in my life. I ran an entire mile non-stop. Again, it wasn’t very fast, but I did it. I walked another mile but we didn’t do any more running that day. This was mainly due to some shin pain I had been experiencing. In fact, my right shin has been recently my main problem and yesterday we might have just figured it out.

Since I am WAY less than athletic I really don’t know what muscles/ligaments hurt or what a pain really is. I just know that it hurts. It just felt like a tight burning pain in my lower shin that would build up my leg. Yesterday while running JC happened to be complaining about a very similar feeling. This is very unusual since she normally can run circles around me.

She determines that her shoe was laced a little bit too tight. She loosened hers up and felt better…so I did the same.

Sure enough I was able to continue running without the pain returning. So apparently I’m really dumb and couldn’t figure out something that simple, but oh well. I’m hoping that by loosening up my laces a bit I’ll be able to extend my running abilities.

Overall I think we did a good job yesterday. We ran for 20 minutes in 5 minute increments and walked for 3 minutes in between. The walk to Cranes Roost Park is about .6 miles and we managed three laps around the lake. By my math that is a total walk/jog of 4.2 miles! Including our walk to and from along with our stretching time we totaled 1.5 hours of activity! Best part? I’m not dying today!

In fact, I feel good!

Running…Part Three

26 Mar

So, since the last time I wrote about Running (Part 1 Part 2) I have had a setback. If you follow my Twitter (upper right corner of the page) you would know that already though! After our run near the Convention Center I had a couple days of bad pain in my left knee.

It made it difficult to walk, let alone run. We made an attempt a few days later and after nearly collapsing I took a seat and watched JC run a complete mile around Cranes Roost. By the time we got home it felt like my knee had exploded. JC helped me with a bag of ice and a pillow.

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Wii Fit Week Eighteen!

25 May

So yea, I missed a couple weeks but this is the eighteenth week of my Wii Fit program. The last few weeks have been VERY busy! Girls will do that to you I guess. I was able to get on the Wii a few times this holiday weekend and so here is an update!

Still going downward!

Still going downward!

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Wii Fit Week Fifteen!

4 May

Wow! Fifteen weeks!!! Everyone is probably getting bored/annoyed with my weekly posts seeing me lose a little bit of weight here and there in the hopes of not being revolting anymore. I was given a suggestion yesterday on how to possibly become more attractive and I bet it would be a quick easy way to lose some quick weight…but I’m NOT cutting my damn hair. Eventually I’ll find someone who likes it…I hope.

If you are new to my posts you can view my past progress from Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Seven, Week Eight, Week Eleven, Week Twelve, Week Thirteen and Week Fourteen!

Starting out with the bad news...

Starting out with the "bad" news...

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Wii Fit Week Fourteen!

28 Apr

I’m sure you thought I forgot about this didn’t ya? Nope, just decided that FREE chicken was more important.

So, not only did this week mark my fourteenth full week of using Wii Fit to lose weight, Monday was a special day:



This, of course, was not my 100th day working out, just 100 TOTAL days since I first powered up my Wii Fit!

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Wii Fit Week Thirteen!

20 Apr

Sorry for the late post today…My schedule was crazy over the weekend and I was unable to do my Wii Fit on Sunday. So once I woke up today on my day off I took my body test and took some pictures for you!

If you are new, I just completed my thirteenth week with Wii Fit and am trying to not be fat anymore. I also have been eating/cooking healthier and so far I am pleased with the results! You can review my progress in my past posts: Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Seven, Week Eight, Week Eleven and Week Twelve.

It has already been a long process, 93 days! I haven’t been good enough to work out EVERY one of those days, but I’m doing pretty good! Week Thirteen was especially decent:

Go me!

Go me!

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Wii Fit Week Twelve!

13 Apr

Here we are again! After my Emergency Post on Saturday afternoon I’m back for my regular Monday morning update! As always, check out my progress from Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Seven, Week Eight and Week Eleven.

I was worried Saturday that when I woke up Sunday morning I would be waking up “Obese” again which would look bad here on my blog. My weight did fluctuate up a bit, but luckily for my picture post I’m still overweight!

Go me!

Go me!

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Wii Fit EMERGENCY Post!!!

11 Apr
Im NOT Obese!!!!

I'm NOT Obese!!!!

Yes, I am sick today, but feeling better about 3pm I decided to take my daily Body Test and see how it went. I don’t know if it was due to the vomiting this morning, but I FINALLY dropped below the “obese” category!! Yes, I am celebrating a game calling me overweight and I’m ok with that!

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Wii Fit Week Eleven!

6 Apr

Yes I missed TWO weeks, I was a bad boy! But come April 1st I recommitted myself and have continued my Wii Fit program. As always, if you would like to look back on my past progress you can check out Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Seven and Week Eight!

A quick recap, I started my Wii Fit program weighing in at just over 238 pounds! Even without being as good on the Wii Fit where am I now?

Wait What?

Wait What?

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Wii Fit Week Eight!

16 Mar

Wow, week eight? It has been a pretty good run through Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six and Week Seven! However, this week I didn’t work out, even when I had some time and I’m sure the five course beer dinner didn’t help me out much either. In any event, I promised I would update my readers weekly on my progress, and here it is:

I gained about a half pound this week :(

I gained about a half pound this week 😦

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