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Sesame Street Meets Lonely Island…

8 Jun

I’m on a boat!!!

NSFW Warning. Explicit lyrics

“One Week”

19 Apr

I just ran across this awesome parody of BNL’s “One Week” by College Humor…check it out:

I also love this College Humor video about learning to play the guitar…but its not on YouTube so I couldn’t embed it. So just click the link. The last part of this video is classic and a perfect example of my life!

Gary Busey on Business

20 Jul

I found on YouTube.com that Gary Busey (remember him?) has done a series of videos of him giving some “great ideas.” These videos are actually some sort of “viral” advertising for some voice mail company called “gotvmail.” Normally I wouldn’t pass these type things around because I hate this sort of scripted fake advertising, but Gary Busey is insane. I cannot believe what comes out of his mouth. I swear, he left some brain on the pavement.

Here is his Hybrid car idea:

Check past the break for more of my favorites!

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