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Wii Fit Week Eighteen!

25 May

So yea, I missed a couple weeks but this is the eighteenth week of my Wii Fit program. The last few weeks have been VERY busy! Girls will do that to you I guess. I was able to get on the Wii a few times this holiday weekend and so here is an update!

Still going downward!

Still going downward!

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Wii Fit Week Fifteen!

4 May

Wow! Fifteen weeks!!! Everyone is probably getting bored/annoyed with my weekly posts seeing me lose a little bit of weight here and there in the hopes of not being revolting anymore. I was given a suggestion yesterday on how to possibly become more attractive and I bet it would be a quick easy way to lose some quick weight…but I’m NOT cutting my damn hair. Eventually I’ll find someone who likes it…I hope.

If you are new to my posts you can view my past progress from Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Seven, Week Eight, Week Eleven, Week Twelve, Week Thirteen and Week Fourteen!

Starting out with the bad news...

Starting out with the "bad" news...

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You’ve got to be kidding me!

25 Mar

When Guitar Hero first came out, I thought it was rather lame. Small plastic controllers with brightly colored buttons that didn’t actually correspond to the notes you were playing. I’ll admit that I own a Guitar Hero game and I do enjoy it. I’ve also had plenty of fun times with Rob and his new Guitar Hero World Tour (the one with the full band).

Do I feel like I’m playing the songs? No, not at all. I actually play (well I haven’t in a while) bass guitar and it is nothing like playing with those plastic controllers. But I accept that it is funny. However, Activision has just launched a teaser site for their next game: DJ Hero.

Yea, DJ Hero, as in a Disc Jockey. Those people that scratch up and use OTHER peoples music to make their own music. Does that mean I’ll be using a plastic controller to try to be a DJ, trying to make music out of someone elses music!?! It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Activision is again teaming up with Red Octane, the company that brought you Guitar Hero III and World Tour, NOT the people who brought you the original Guitar Hero games. They now make Rock Band!

Wii Fit Week Six!

2 Mar

First off, sorry about the two days with no posts! I got busy with work and life (though I could still use a life) and didn’t have the time. But fear not, I still have a Wii Fit Update for you today!

Can you believe this is Week Six already!?!? Time sure flies! As always, if you are new or want to check up on my progress feel free to check out Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four and Week Five!

As you know (especially if you just clicked those links I made) last week I weighed in at just under 229! How did I do this week? Check it out:

Coming down!

Coming down!

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Wii Fit Week Four!

16 Feb

Yes, I made it one whole month! Well, actually, Wii Fit tells me that Sunday was my 29th day!

If you want to look back check my Day One, Week One, Week Two and Week Three posts!

I’m going to start out with the most important thing, weight. On Day One I was 238 pounds, how have I done over my first month?

Woo Hoo!!

Woo Hoo!!

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