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Disney’s Upgrade to Blu Program

11 Jun

Now that I have a Blu-Ray player I was confronted with the problem of re-buying all of my old DVD’s so that I could have them in Blu-Ray. Well, I shouldn’t say that. I NEVER plan on upgrading all 200+ of my DVD’s to Blu-Ray. It just doesn’t make sense. Blu-Ray’s are still pretty expensive, so I’ll only get Blu-Ray’s on movies I REALLY want swapped.

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Birthday 2010!

10 Jun

It was awesome! Benihana was very yummy (though maybe not as good as Kobe) and Pat O’Briens at City Walk was a good time! But most of all the people were awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out or texted me or hit me up on Facebook.

Here is the official Benihana photo:

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

14 Jan

So yesterday, Tuesday, I had the day off and decided that I wanted to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (I hate this name, but I understand it can’t be MGM anymore) but there wasn’t anyone who could/wanted to go with me. I have a Florida Resident Seasonal Pass, it’s like an annual pass but there are blackout dates. It is also cheaper for being a Florida Resident. One of the drawbacks is that free parking isn’t included, but for a Disney veteran, parking can always gotten for free. You just have to know where to go. But I’m not going to give my secret away for fear that Disney may figure it out.

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