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Funny EPCOT Video featuring Hitler…

31 Jul

Recently I have seen four or five of these videos. It is a clip from a movie with Hitler going crazy and doing a lot of yelling and screaming. The different YouTube videos give the clip funny subtitles. This one is about the changed Disney has done to EPCOT (or Epcot) recently.

NSFW: Some of the subtitles have some bad language, but the screaming is all in German.

Enjoy this masterpiece!

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Skipper Dan

15 Jul

This is the next new song from Al’s “Internet Leaks” and it hit iTunes and YouTube yesterday. SO GO BUY IT!

This song makes me laugh on SOO many levels. It has Disney and Jungle Cruise jokes and I love me the Jungle Cruise. “Here is the backside of water!” I also have many friends who kill themselves night and day in community theater secretly hoping that they get a phone call…I know it.

GOAT is doing Reservoir Dogs currently, so when that popped up on the video I almost died.

Here it is: LINK (I hate YouTube sometimes)

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida

27 May

In Orlando we have two new coaster projects opening this summer. One has already opened at Sea World Orlando and you can read my post about Manta here. It is Orlando’s (and maybe all of Florida’s) first Flying coaster.

Next up to be finished, after some delays, is Universal Studio’s Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit! The Rockit is going to allow you (or so I read) to chose your own individual sound track for your ride. It also includes a 90 degree straight up lift hill and a world first non-inverting loop. This coaster is completely non-inverting. You NEVER go upside down, so some of you non-extreme coaster fans may like it!

It is going to open in mid to late June (I believe) but they have finally been able to start running some test runs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are even further behind schedule after a full week of HORRIBLE rain in Central Florida. It literally rained non-stop for 6 days. Ick!

Thanks to the wonderful thing that is the internet, we have videos!! I have two videos I found on YouTube of test runs. Check them out after the break!

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Manta at Sea World Orlando!

15 May

I’m not sure why I haven’t written about this yet…So maybe I know why…

The sign at the entrance

The sign at the entrance

Manta is the newest roller coaster at Sea World Orlando and is Central Florida’s first “flying coaster.” It is also my first flyer! That is right, with all the coasters I’ve been on, I’ve never ridden on a flyer!

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BK Whopper Bar

14 Apr

Recently opened at Universal Studios Florida’s City Walk is a new “food court” located upstairs, above the theater. Located in this “food court” is a new Panda Express, Moe’s Southwest Grill and a BK Burger Bar. The Panda Express and Moe’s are identical in menu and setup to their normal non-theme park brethren. The BK Burger Bar is different and new. It isn’t just a Burger King and it is the first of its kind!

Sign on the soda dispensers.

Sign on the soda dispensers.

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Les Chefs de France With a Special Guest!

22 Mar

On Thursday mom and I spent the day at EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival and we had lunch in France! We ate at the amazing Les Chefs de France. I’m going to start out by saying that the food was amazing. Disney really does food right in these type restaurants. If you stick to the quick service kiosks and tray service you may think Disney food sucks, but if you take the time (and a couple extra dollars) to sit down and eat you’ll be blown away. Quick warning though, these places are pretty much reservation only (especially the popular ones). You can normally get reservations for the day towards the front of the park at Guest Services (under Spaceship Earth to the left at EPCOT and in City Hall at Magic Kingdom).

I had read about it in advance, so we HAD to check out Les Chefs de France’s new Special Guest, REMY!

Life sized and REALLY cute!

Life sized and REALLY cute!

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Barenaked Ladies at Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras!

10 Mar

On Saturday Rob, Mom and I went to Universal Studios Mardi Gras with Barenaked Ladies!! Unfortunately due to the crowd of very rude people mom left right before the concert, but we had a fun day before that with lunch at Margaritaville and a ride on MIB and one on The Simpson’s Ride.

After the rides we decided to go take a seat at the theater so we could have a good seat. While we walked over we went through the Mardi Gras party area and I recognized one of the stilt walkers! It was the OCCC’s own Event Manager Intern Celine!

She gave me a hug...awww

She gave me a hug...awww

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Bud & BBQ With Miranda Lambert

24 Feb

I must start out by admitting that I was not really looking forward to this concert. My mom REALLY wanted to go, so I was going to tag along. Miranda Lambert is not exactly my idea of great music. I’d heard of a few of her songs like “Gun Powder and Lead” and “Kerosene” and while they aren’t horrible, they didn’t make me move really.

I also wasn’t terribly excited about standing in a crowd eating over priced BBQ and drinking watered down beer. Things took a turn for the better the moment we paid for parking. Ok, we don’t pay for parking because we are pass-holders, but you still have to stop at the toll booth. The nice lady at the toll booth handed us a flyer, like they do every time. This time however it was different, it would change our day significantly…

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My Vacation: The Rides! Part One

5 Sep

After the long drive and a night in the hotel resort came a long day at the park. We arrived early and I took the opportunity to take a picture of the entrance:

We are really here!!

We are really here!!

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Roller Coasters!

15 May


So, now that I’m nearly single, I have decided that my new goal for my life is to ride a whole bunch of roller coasters. I’ve decided that since I won’t have a female to worry about ever again, that this should be where I focus my attention!

First, I want to go to Cedar Point. It has 17 roller coasters…17!!! What in the world is this park doing in Sandusky, Ohio?!?!?! Right down the road from that holy place is Kings Island with its 14 roller coasters!! And this doesn’t count the other “thrill rides.” What did the people of Cincinnati ever do to deserve this?!?!?!

One of the rides that I want to ride at Cedar Point is the Top Thrill Dragster because its a type of ride that I have never ridden.  Dragster is 420 feet tall and you are propelled from 0 to 120mph in 4 seconds!!!! A ride very similar to the Dragster is Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. It’s basically the same as Dragster only taller and FASTER! That’s right…456 feet tall and 0 to 128mph in 3.5 seconds!!! This is Kingda Ka:

The best part is that if the ride doesn’t get up to speed fast enough this will happen:

Don’t worry though…if this happens the ride will safely break and set up for another attempt! Now that would be awesome!

So if anyone wants to get with me and work on a trip to go roller coastering…leave me a comment!!!