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1 Apr

Yesterday I told you about Pepsi’s newest beverage “Pepsi Next.”

Today I will tell you about something that is (new to me) that 7-Eleven had at the counter screaming at me “BUY ME” so I did.

They are called PB&J’s and they are chocolate and that is a formula for nirvana…

Two kinds!

Yes, they come in Strawberry and Grape flavors. The fine print points out that each box has four individually wrapped “bars” and each “bar” is only 60 calories! So sitting here I have a measly 480 calories!

So cute!

I like that they are individually wrapped and are the same basic size as the individual kit-kat bars.


So there they are…Cute little 60 calories of Nirvana…or not?

I tasted both bars and found that they were pretty darn good, but with a major drawback. The peanut butter, or lack there of. The chocolate was tasty and the jelly portion stuck right out, but where is the peanut butter? There is definitely some peanut butter looking substance mixed in with the jelly but the flavor wasn’t there. I LOVE peanut butter, but the flavor is desperately missing from this PB&J.

After tasting and trying to deconstruct it I found that by itself the peanut butter was bland. How is it going to compete with the strong chocolate and jelly flavors? It just couldn’t.  This is probably a good thing for me as I could get huge buying a lot of these, but they were close. Very close to something very good!


Pepsi Next

31 Mar

Just the other day I walked into 7-Eleven and found a new soda from Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Next! It advertise’s “Real Cola Taste 60% Less Sugar” which got me REALLY excited for a moment until I noticed the asterisk next to sugar. Their still isn’t any real sugar in Pepsi Next, just High Fructose Corn Crap Sugar.

Pepsi Next!

I decided to go ahead and taste test this new Pepsi Product to help YOU internet reader make a better soda decision. To help you make the BEST decision I’ve decided to taste test Pepsi Next up against Pepsi and Diet Pepsi.

The Showdown!

First some technical stuff to get out of the way. I come in to this taste test with the following soda preferences. I prefer Coke over Pepsi and Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke. My favorite soda is actually Dr. Pepper and I think sodas are WAY better when made with REAL sugar. Dr. Pepper Throwback is amazing and Mexican Coke (served at Bob’s Potatoes) is great! Also, while I enjoy Pepsi Max and Coke Zero (preferably Cherry) I have not included them in this taste test as I believe they fill a different soda taste nook.

Alright, I decided to drink all three straight out of the fridge without any food. No cups, no ice, just the soda out of the 20 ounce bottle.

So what do I think? I actually think it is better than regular Pepsi, but mainly because it doesn’t have that horrible HFCS super sweet after taste. I also think it has more flavor than Diet Pepsi probably because it has some HFCS instead of that aspertane stuff.

Now some facts, Pepsi clocks in at 250 calories for the bottle, Pepsi Next has 100 calories and Diet Pepsi clocks in at 0 calories. It’s very obvious that Pepsi is trying to fill a void between the full calorie and no calorie sodas in their lineup.

The question will come up as to whether it is good enough to take the Zero calorie position from Pepsi Max (which has a better name) or whether it will be good enough to convince Diet Pepsi drinkers to take the extra calories.

I think that I would purchase it again if I was looking for a lower calorie option and Cherry Coke Zero wasn’t available.

Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich

2 Jun

This week Chick-Fil-A has been doing a special preview of their upcoming Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Fans (or should we call them “likes” now?) on Facebook were encouraged to sign up for special reservation slots at their local Chick-Fil-A’s to check out the new sandwich that officially launches on June 7th.

I, of course, signed up JC and I for the Altamonte drive-thru Chick-Fil-A. Yes, if you haven’t been there it is a Chick-Fil-A set up with double drive-thru’s and no dining area. Looks just like a Checkers (or Rally’s depending on where you live).

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Pretzel M&M’s

15 May

The other day at Wal-Mart I saw that M&M’s have a new (to me) product! Pretzel M&M’s.

In a quick count in my head that gives us 6. Plain, peanut, peanut butter, almond, coconut and now pretzel. Of course I’m not counting the dark chocolate version of the plain and peanut varieties.

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Red Bull Cola

26 May

Yes, Red Bull is now making a cola! Makes sense since all the major cola makers are making energy drinks to compete with Red Bull. I decided that once I could find it near my house that I would buy some and check it out!



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Kentucky (Un)Fried Chicken

23 Apr

If you have been watching television recently you may have noticed that Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing something different. Grilled chicken. I know that they have had a grilled chicken breast sandwich for about a year, but this is actually buckets of grilled chicken. Grilled chicken breasts, thighs and legs. An interesting thought, but one I’m sure they are doing to try to lure the millions of us trying to be healthy!

I must preface this review with the fact that I HATE my local KFC/Taco Bell. It is literally the slowest fast food restaurant on the face of the Earth. It can take 20 minutes to get your order and then there is absolutely no guarantee it will be correct. Today I went in a for a late lunch hoping there would be no other customers and that would allow them to serve me in a “fast” time. I was right. It was sad to see that with no one in the drive-thru and me being the only one in line that it took them five minutes and five different people were involved in my meal. Check past the break for the taste test:

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BK Whopper Bar

14 Apr

Recently opened at Universal Studios Florida’s City Walk is a new “food court” located upstairs, above the theater. Located in this “food court” is a new Panda Express, Moe’s Southwest Grill and a BK Burger Bar. The Panda Express and Moe’s are identical in menu and setup to their normal non-theme park brethren. The BK Burger Bar is different and new. It isn’t just a Burger King and it is the first of its kind!

Sign on the soda dispensers.

Sign on the soda dispensers.

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Arby’s Roastburger

4 Apr

The burger done better…really? Arby’s says so, but what do I think?

So I’ve been seeing the commercials and driving by the stores and thinking, why are they just taking and Arby’s roast beef and calling it a burger? I finally decided after donating platelets and plasma today to stop in. Also going in to my decision to stop was the fact that I was lightheaded and needed some quick sustenance in to my body to keep me going.

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Archer Farms Morrocan Inspired Apricot Currant

20 Mar

Tonight I made Moroccan Inspired Apricot Currant Whole Wheat Couscous & Chicken Entree. I picked this up at Target and decided to try it out for my readers. It is a “meal in a box” from Archer Farms (Target’s brand).

Last week Target had a 15% clearance on all of their Archer Farms items, so I thought to give it a go. It was marked at $5.99 plus had 15% off! Definitely worth a try for what gave me dinner plus lunch the next day. So how was it?

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Mango, Avacado, and Smoked Chicken Salad

17 Mar

I’m sorry this is late, but it is worth it!

The other night I decided to make a recipe out of my newest cookbook, Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite. Most (if not all) of these recipes come from Gordon’s BBC (now shown in re-runs on BBC America) The F Word. I love this show and my mouth waters at some of the food they make. Now I can try to make some of it.

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