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Random Shirts!!!!

17 Jul

Ok…so I bought on Random Shirt day over at Shirt.woot again…SOOO hard to resist…

This time I decided to buy two for me and one for Jenny Cate. Share the Shirt.woot random shirt love right?

Anyways, JC is out of town (and it is doubtful that she is reading this) so don’t tell her! Oh, and Jenny Cate. If you are reading this….SURPRISE!!! I got you a shirt!! And it is cute!

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Random Shirts!!!!!! AGAIN!!

4 Jun

I’m addicted…and I think I’m going to take the next Random Shirt day off…But here we go!

If you haven’t seen my posts before Shirt.Woot sells one t-shirt a day for $10, except on random shirt days!! Then they sell them for $6.66 each, but you don’t know what shirts you are going to get! Just tell them what sizes you want, and that is what you get!

Today I received:

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Random Shirts!

3 Dec

Yup…I’m back! Sorry that the blog has been so quiet, life/work got in the way. Don’t worry though, I am getting back on the horse and will attempt to keep the posts coming!!! So check back tomorrow for a post about my favorite subject, food!!

Shirt.Woot! did another one of their amazing Random Shirt days. Instead of charging $10 per shirt you can get up to 3 random shirts for only $6.66 each. So check past the break to see what shirts I got!

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