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My Perfect Valentine!

16 Feb

Monday was an amazing Valentine’s Day with the love of my life ,Jenny Cate! We did dinner and a movie and exchanged very similar presents!

Dinner was at Seasons 52. Wow! I absolutely love that place! This was actually our third visit in the past couple months. The first was just a date night and was JC’s first visit. Then we went for my mom’s birthday. I had something different each time and can’t complain about a single item on any course. They were all delicious!

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George Takei Speaks Out

4 Nov

One of my friends on Facebook shared this video and I felt compelled to share. I’m not gay but this video spoke to me. No one should wish death on another human being, especially if you don’t even know them.

George Takei is the man.

Birthday 2010!

10 Jun

It was awesome! Benihana was very yummy (though maybe not as good as Kobe) and Pat O’Briens at City Walk was a good time! But most of all the people were awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out or texted me or hit me up on Facebook.

Here is the official Benihana photo:

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Brent Spiner Kicks @$$

24 Apr

Even before he was my favorite android on the best Space TV show ever! He was on Night Court (remember that awesome show?). Wil Wheaton (who’s book I’m currently reading) posted a video and a story on his site and I decided to post a couple YouTube finds on my own.


One more past the break!

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Census For Trekkies!

2 Apr

I got this article from a Tweet by LeVar Burton (@levarburton) yesterday.

Census Bureau Receiving Forms With Star Trek Races Written In (From TrekMovie.com)

I, as I told you, filled out my census form without thinking of having some fun. I wish I could be recognized officially as a Borg or Vulcan or Cardassian ( Not Kardashian). I could have at least put Trekkie in the box!

In other Census news. My parents didn’t get a Census form. I got a pre-letter, the Census and a postcard reminding me to fill out the Census and my parents got nothing. The house has been there since the  early 80’s and they’ve lived there since 1986 so apparently the US Government knows who lives there…They are watching us you know!

Even Obama Liked the New Star Trek!

19 May

He did! Check it out!!! Lots of interesting stuff with the Star Trek mentions on page four!

A Highly Logical Approach

Star Trek Food

9 May

Yesterday I told you to go see Star Trek, have you yet? I’m waiting!

After writing the post I ran across an AWESOME Serious Eats post about Star Trek food. Some pretty awesome unusual food and drinks on that list. So go check it out!!!!!

Star Trek

8 May

I have been waiting to write this for over a week. I was lucky enough to be able to see a sneak preview of the new Star Trek film last week thanks to a new friend from Karaoke. I had been excited for the new film, but was also very worried. I have been a huge Star Trek fan for many years. No I don’t wear full uniforms or pointy ears out of the house, though, I did buy a new Star Trek logo shirt for last nights showing.

Yes, Star Trek officially opens today and I have already seen it twice. Once in the standard theater and once in IMAX. Last night a bunch of good friends and my family came out and I’m glad they all enjoyed it.

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Quick Post

26 Apr

Sorry about the lack of a real post today. My mind has been elsewhere and don’t really want to discuss some of those issues here, so I have had a hard time coming up with things to write about.

On Thursday my new karaoke friend Sasha hooked me up with a free ticket (and great seats) to a sneak preview of the best movie ever. Yes, Star Trek!

All I will say today is that the movie is AWESOME!

I plan on writing a review that I will post on opening weekend. I also plan on seeing this movie again opening weekend, possibly in IMAX! May 8th! Mark your calanders!!!

Movie Sequels

9 Jun

So Hollywood has decided to start reinventing decades old franchises for some reason and turn them into new movies. You may remember I reviewed the newest Indiana Jones movie recently. I have mixed feelings on these old franchises being reborn, but there is one thing I don’t have mixed feelings about: The new way of numbering/naming of the movies. Continue reading