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My Perfect Valentine!

16 Feb

Monday was an amazing Valentine’s Day with the love of my life ,Jenny Cate! We did dinner and a movie and exchanged very similar presents!

Dinner was at Seasons 52. Wow! I absolutely love that place! This was actually our third visit in the past couple months. The first was just a date night and was JC’s first visit. Then we went for my mom’s birthday. I had something different each time and can’t complain about a single item on any course. They were all delicious!

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Movie Sequels

9 Jun

So Hollywood has decided to start reinventing decades old franchises for some reason and turn them into new movies. You may remember I reviewed the newest Indiana Jones movie recently. I have mixed feelings on these old franchises being reborn, but there is one thing I don’t have mixed feelings about: The new way of numbering/naming of the movies. Continue reading