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World Cup 2010!

12 Jun

The World Cup started yesterday in South Africa! U! S! A! U! S! A!

So will everyone be watching the USA squad kick some British @$$ today?

While you are watching soccer check out Homer Simpson starring in a Nike ad:

Soccer Dive

6 Dec

I am a fan of most sports. I LOVE football, love hockey, enjoy post-season baseball and the occasional basketball game. I also enjoy watching soccer on TV, especially the UEFA Champions League (gotta love their “anthem“). The main thing that bugs me about soccer and why I cannot get more into it is all the diving. Every play it appears, to me anyway, that a player is taking a dive, or exaggerating contact to draw a penalty. Or when you see a guy writhing around in so much pain that they take him off the field on a stretcher only to be seen running back on the field a play later. I mean come on.

This brings me to the point of this post. I found this video on YouTube. Its from a Colombian top division match. Enjoy:

I can’t believe it. He got a penalty shot for that piece of acting! Not to mention that the “fouled” player was in an offside position anyways!!! The play was over as soon as the ball left the foot of the passing player!

Still kinda funny though…