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My Beautiful Sister

27 Oct

Has a blog!!! kaitlin getting bigger

Yes, my beautiful sister, Kaitlin, has started her own blog and I must say it is some pretty interesting stuff! She has been documenting her battle with gaining weight (exactly the opposite of my battle to stop being a fat ass!).

She also writes about life in Seattle, it’s a little different out there!

I personally love the pics and posts about my beautiful foster niece!

So you should TOTALLY go check out her blog! DO IT!! NOW!!!!

Love ya Kaiti!

Happy Birthday Kaiti!!!

28 May

Funny Picture Sites

24 Mar

I have noticed recently a proliferation of funny picture sites. You know, like LOLCats and FailBlog (which happen to be some of my favorites). There are so many of these that my sister has even been emailing them to me, apparently in an attempt to get mentioned on my blog.

Well, she did it. She sent me a link to Word To Your…, as in Word To Your Mother. Their banner even includes a look a like to Vanilla Ice! I found myself LOLing at many of the pictures. My favorite so far is this one.

Since she really wanted to be mentioned I decided I would use this space to congratulate her and her husband Charlie on their brand new foster baby Hailey Elle:

My sis, Hailey and my brother in-law Charlie

My sis, Hailey and my brother in-law Charlie

My sis, little Hailey and my brother

My sis, little Hailey and my brother

Can’t you see the family resemblance?

Also, if you happen to live in the Seattle area, so does my sister! Maybe you could use a photographer? Silverspoon Photography is my sister’s company! Check out her awesome pics! They make my flower and garden photos look pretty shitty eh? Also, check out my sister’s kick ass tattoo at the bottom of that page. I think I should get a spork on my forearm!

Condo for Sale! (Seattle, WA)

9 May

My sister and her husband are selling their Condo in Seattle, WA. Are you from Seattle and looking for a condo?? If so…click HERE!