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9 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there and most importantly to my mom!!!

Today we are having a fun double family Mother’s Day at WDW’s Magic Kingdom!

The guests of honor will be my mom and JC’s mom!

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BJ’s Imported Winter Warmers Beer Tasting and Dinner

14 Mar

On Tuesday March 10th I attended BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Orlando’s Imported Winter Warmers Beer Tasting and Dinner. First question you may have, is why is BJ’s doing a “Winter” event in March in  Florida. I know, it didn’t make the most sense since it was 80+ outside, but I’m not going to turn down a 5 course beer and food dinner!

If you have never been to BJ’s, I recommend you find one and go! Check out my previous review. My parents and Rob joined me at BJ’s for this wonderful meal, and oh boy was it wonderful!

Here is the menu:

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T-Rex Cafe Review

6 Feb

So after Dinosaur World we went to Downtown Disney to have dinner at the brand new T-Rex Cafe. We had reservations, thanks to my awesome OCVB friend Tina, so we were able to pretty much walk right in. Now don’t expect a TON of pictures, though I really would have loved to have taken them, but I find it rude to use the flash in an enclosed place. Plus, taking pictures of people while they are pigging out isn’t the nicest thing.

The sign

The sign

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31 Jan

Today is my mom’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Mom has decided to have a “themed day” for her birthday. We are going to spend some time at Dinosaur World in Plant City. We’ve driven by this “theme park” many MANY times going to Busch Gardens and always joked about going there, so we are.

For dinner we have reservations at the brand new T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney! This restaurant is owned by Landry’s, the same people who own the Rainforest Cafe chain, and somewhat resembles its sister restaurant.

I warned mom that there was a possibility that some people may, me, may joke about the theme of her day, but she had her mind made up!

I expect to review both Dinosaur World and the T-Rex Cafe in the coming days!

Elephant Bar Restaurant

20 Sep

The other day for lunch I met my mom at the Elephant Bar Restaurant located inside the Altamonte Mall. This was my second visit to this particular restaurant and it was good enough that I thought I should write a quick post. I’m still not the best at remembering to bring my camera nor whip it out and take a picture of everything I’m doing, so I don’t have any photos of my visit. Their website has some nice shots of the interior of their restaurants that you can look at if you wish.

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BJ’s Brewhouse

12 Jul

A new restaurant opened up down the road at The Loop West. The Loop is a large outdoor mall in Kissimmee and it is expanding with another “loop” that they are calling The Loop West. Most of the West side is not open yet, but it does have a Circuit City, Babies ‘R Us (shouldn’t they sell babies? Toys ‘R Us sells toys!) and JC Penny open. BJ’s Brewhouse opened a week or two ago, but this was my first visit. I checked their website and found they brew their own beers, on average they have 8 of them on tap! Here is the list! They also brew their own root beer!

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