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Gender Roles in Toys

13 Feb

I’m not going to claim that I know anything about kids or parenting, but I have always thought that kid’s toys send the wrong message at times.

A couple weeks ago JC and I were out having some adult beverages after an amazing concert of hers. Before heading home we decided to grab a quick bite, and nothing is better quick drunk food than a McDonalds Happy Meal!

It just so happened that they were doing a boy toy and a girl toy. So we got one of each.


I remember the hot wheels vs Barbies from when I was a kid!


Both toys came with stickers! But wait a minute. What’s wrong with Barbie?


She is a doctor, but she seems to be wearing something I would expect from Spencers on Halloween. Look at that skirt! What real doc wears that? Mine sure doesn’t! Well actually that is a good thing because my doctor is a dude.

Also, did you look at the stickers? The boy set is flames and skulls, but for Doctor Barbie? A stethoscope and one of those ear light things as you would expect. But wait, there is more! A pacifier, baby bottle and a brand new baby!

So she is dressed like a stripper doctor and has a baby? Or she is in “her place” taking care of babies? I just don’t get it I guess. Hey little girl, you can be a doctor and take care of babies, but that’s it!

Maybe it is good that I don’t have kids. I’d be buying them all the wrong toys…

Gingers Have Souls!

1 May

Apparently South Park’s ripping on “Gingers” has pissed off this kid “CopperCab” on YouTube.

He is so worked up that I should write about it. For those of you who don’t know, according to South Park, Ginger’s don’t have souls. The episode “Ginger Kids” is a a winner in my book and you can watch it here. That show prompted “CopperCab” to make this video (NSFW: Language warning):

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The Census!

19 Mar

So I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for the U.S. Census. Well, I will be counted! I received my letter last week telling me that I would be receiving an official census form. Why the two letters? I have no clue. I am not even sure why there have been TV commercials, but I like the ones that don’t feature the stupid song:

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Wii Fit!

13 Jan

WARNING: This is a bit of a rant…not too bad though.

I FINALLY found myself a Wii Fit (and I didn’t pay more than MSRP!) at CircuitCity.com. There only requirement is that you had to “build your own bundle” with at least two select Wii Fit accessories. That is two out of only 6, and one of the ones I wanted was sold out, and if you tried to back order it, the Wii Fit was yanked out of your cart!

So I bought the Wii Fit (game with balance board), a slipcover (blue) and an “exercise mat.” Being the cheapskate frugal buyer I am, I took advantage of Circuit City’s FREE shipping! YAY!

Unfortunately today I got shipping confirmation letting me know that my three items are coming from THREE DIFFERENT STATES! In three different boxes, using THREE DIFFERENT SHIPPING METHODS! Yea, you got that right!

The slipcover is coming via standard USPS mail from Oklahoma! The “exercise mat” is coming from Pennsylvania via FedEx ground! Finally, the actual Wii Fit is coming via FedEx “Smart Post” from Texas. Smart Post is a bastard of a shipping method to start with. It actually starts out on a FedEx truck but then is delivered to your local Post Office and delivered to your USPS mailbox by your mailman or woman! And if you are like me, you don’t really have a “mail man” you have a subcontractor in street clothes driving a mail truck! The problem is in the hand off, it doesn’t always go well. It also is the slowest because there is an extra DAY (at least) in shipping to do the exchange from FedEx to USPS.

If all goes well I will receive my “exercise mat” on Wednesday, the slipcover on Friday and the actual Wii Fit on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday!).

I really think that Circuit City is screwing with me. I half expect a box full of rocks whenever Smart Post decides to get me my Wii Fit!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Holiday Parties…

17 Dec

…what is the point?

Warning: Past the break is a rant…

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Insurance Woes…

4 Aug

I guess this could come down to customer service (or the lack thereof) across the board nowadays. My good friend (monkeys anyone?) has many, many, many posts talking about the horrible experience with HP customer service and technical support. I always try to avoid having to speak to CSR’s, but sometimes it is required.

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Don’t they make shirts for that?

18 Jul

That is what I was thinking while sitting in Sea World’s Whale and Dolphin Stadium waiting for the show. I guess its my fault, I picked the seats. I sat us down next to a very nice family with three small children. One of which I would learn was still nursing…

So I googles and found that they do make shirts for that. Not only that, but they make a gazillion different styles of openings. OK not a gazillion, but nine. NINE!?!? And she just had a regular shirt…

Now, the family was British, or at least I assume so from their British accents. So maybe they don’t ship to the UK…I don’t know.

I don’t mind boobs, I don’t mind the need for women to nurse, but I think that with anything there is a time and place. A very crowded theater isn’t the best choice. Also, changing your seats with your young daughter because the large hairy American man is scaring her and sitting shoulder to shoulder with that man while you small child kicks him, causing said American man to turn and look may not be proper.

I’m scarred for life! OK, I’m not, but its something that popped into my head to write about. Other than that and the constant gray skies and rain (looked more like Seattle than Orlando) it was a good day. We did some water parking then hung out at Sea World. Gotta love the free beer!!!

Another kid rant

12 Jun

So I eat at fast food restaurants way too much, I admit it! Over the last few months I’ve started seeing something that I don’t recall ever seeing before and in the last week I’ve seen it multiple times. What have I seen? Children under 8 ordering in the drive thru…

Yes, parents are choosing to pull forward, roll down the back window and allow their small child order. I have  a couple problems with this: First, shouldn’t the parents have some sort of control over what their children are eating? Second, it ALWAYS causes communication problems. Children don’t speak the same as adults. Children don’t normally speak as clearly, nor do they have the full size lungs to project their voice the same. They just don’t.

So please, if you have a small child order for them. Or, have them tell you what they want, and then you can tell the drive thru operator. Let’s not make the job any more difficult for them…they really don’t make that much money!


8 May

WARNING: This is a rant…

So today was supposed to be a pretty good day, I worked my 10 hour shift, then drove over to the parents house so that I could install a new video card in my parents computer so my little brother could play the upcoming game “Age of Conan.” It’s one of those big MMO’s like World of Warcraft, and according to my brother it is going to be “THE BEST EVER.”

So this all started over a week ago when I get called over to see that AoC’s website said that the computer would need a little upgrading in order to run. My first response, screw the game, stick with WoW! After a while my brother convinced my mom to spend the bucks and I was commissioned to find the parts and install them. I spent two days researching the video cards looking at HUNDREDS of them to make sure the one I would pick would A.) Work with the computer and B.) Run the stupid game.

So I followed the step by step instructions and the card worked! But now the Ethernet and bus drivers on the motherboard were failing…wierd…no worries, I pull out the laptop and find new drivers and replace them. Now everything is working…YAY! But wait, after a couple reboots the computer gives me the dreaded BSOD!!!! (Blue Screen of Death) NOOOO!! After another hour and a half I get all the drivers reinstalled and it WORKS! But don’t reboot the thing cause the BSOD is back!

Finally I had to rip the card out and install the old one and re-install ALL the drivers again!!! According to everyone’s website (MSI, NVidia, BFG) the card is COMPLETELY compatible with the computer, so now on my next day off (other than tomorrow) I’m gonna have to call BFG (makers of the card) and bitch and bitch and bitch…since my mom dropped over $100 on a card that ain’t working.

I will be spending the day tomorrow at EPCOT’s Flower and Garden festival with my mom. I plan on taking pictures with my new camera and will try to do a nice picture post tomorrow!