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Even Obama Liked the New Star Trek!

19 May

He did! Check it out!!! Lots of interesting stuff with the Star Trek mentions on page four!

A Highly Logical Approach

Black President and Joe the Vice President!

5 Nov

I’m not being racist! It’s a song!!!! And McCain’s big “Joe Six Pack” and “Joe the Plumber” push has culminated in “Joe the Vice President!” Don’t think McCain saw that one coming!

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I Support Cats For Obama!

1 Nov

Yesterday I used a picture of a cat with the Obama logo to show the similarity in Obama’s logo and Pepsi’s “smiles.” I promised that I would let you in on where I “stole” that picture from. I stole it from CatsforObama.com!



Check out the site and look at the hundreds of cats who will be voting for Obama!

Results of the 2008 Election

8 Sep

We take a break from My Vacation coverage for this BREAKING NEWS!

This isn’t new but it is hilarious….AND TRUE?!?!?!

Bonus Onion political coverage after the break!

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