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Would you like a little rock in your whiskey?

24 Jan

Another of my late (but awesome) Christmas presents from my parents was a set of Whiskey Stones. What are Whiskey Stones? They are rocks that you put in your whiskey of course!

Rocks in my Whiskey

So the idea is simple, ice is made out of water and water is watery and watery things will water down your precious Whiskey! So instead you take polished stones and put them in your freezer. They will then keep your Whiskey chilled while you sip it, but will not water down your precious alcohol.

My Jack Daniels is chillin!

Yesterday I took the opportunity to try out the stones and sure enough I was sipping my Jack Daniels in style. Plus I get to say I have rocks in my Whiskey!

Do You Like Monopoly?

23 Jan

I do! In fact I received two more for Christmas this year bringing my total up to 16 non digital versions of the game! I also have it on my Android smart phone and for my old Nintendo DS!


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Proof She is Amazing

8 May

So, you may have read my post on Cinco de Mayo. It was a little thing I worked hard on to show my feelings across the internet. If you didn’t read it, you should (as long as you like sappy love notes).

Anyways. To show my love and affection I got JC some pretty earrings. I did a good job but she did much better! She was sneaky and got something I didn’t expect at all. She caught me off guard and I love it!

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Christmas Present!

19 Dec

So, for Christmas this year I pretty much only asked for one thing. A new laptop.

My personal laptop that I used at work finally bit the dust. It was an old (cheap) used Dell that had slowly begun to die. The screen had lost a large area on the right and it was still running Windows 2K (yes, 2k!). One day I went to turn it on and it just didn’t work. The hard drive had gone to that giant server room in the sky…or something like that.

So, my parents are amazing. Straight up! AMAZING! The reason I’m able to start blogging again (and surf any internet at work) is that they have given me an early birthday present. A Toshiba Satellite A505!

The Logo

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Christmas Presents!

9 Jan

So it is a little later than I wanted, but I thought I would recap some of my Christmas presents from X-Mas 2008!

First, the BIG present this year is that the parents and I now have seasonal passes to Walt Disney World! This means that we have passes to all four Disney World parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom), Universal Orlando parks (Universal and Islands of Adventure) and the Florida Busch Entertainment parks (Busch Gardens Africa, Sea World Orlando and Aquatica).

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What I Want for Christmas…

8 Dec
Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

So, my mom has always asked me what I want for Christmas and for as long as I can remember I have always answered “I dunno.” It seems to highly annoy my mom and she always threatens to get me coal! But I always have a hard time asking for things, because A.) I’m worried that I’m going to overstep my bounds and ask for something too expensive or B.) I like to be somewhat surprised on Christmas.

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