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Sansa Clip 8GB from Woot!

14 Apr

On April 1st Woot! was having  their “Woot! Your Own Adventure” fun on their main site with many good deals available if you could find them! I ended up purchasing on one of their sister sites, Sellout.Woot! Sellout is a partnership with Yahoo! shopping and was recently incorporated into Deals.Woot! Confused yet?

Bottom line is that I purchased an 8GB Sansa clip for use when I run (especially when there comes a time I need to run on my own). The Sansa clip appears to be perfect for running since it is ITTY BITTY! But more on that later

I was excited when I opened the mailbox and saw this:

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Microsoft Zune

17 Sep

I know many of you are looking at that title and scratching your head. You are asking yourself what is a “Zune” and why is Joe going to talk about it and what does Microsoft have to do with it? Well, the Microsoft Zune is an mp3 player widely available as an alternative to the iPod. Is it better than the iPod? In my opinion it is in many aspects.

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