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“Weird Al” Yankovic – Craigslist

11 Jul

You heard the new “Weird Al” song? I think it is pretty awesome!!

It is a Doors tribute with original The  Doors keyboardist Ray Mazarek playing on the track!

For those of you paying attention, you will note that this is note a direct parody of any single The Doors song, this is fairly common for “Weird Al.” Many of his songs are “genre” or “band” parodies rather than specific song parodies.

Without further delay, enjoy by clicking HERE (I know, lame that I can’t embed it!)

When you decide that you love it, go buy it on iTunes or Zune marketplace! Show some love!

“One Week”

19 Apr

I just ran across this awesome parody of BNL’s “One Week” by College Humor…check it out:

I also love this College Humor video about learning to play the guitar…but its not on YouTube so I couldn’t embed it. So just click the link. The last part of this video is classic and a perfect example of my life!

Oldie But Goodie

15 Mar

So I don’t have a good post for today, sorry. But I ran across an old parody commercial that I like and decided to post it instead of working hard on a real post…yea…sorry. Enjoy!

“Weird Al” Yankovic

14 Oct

I love “Weird Al” Yankovic but it is always a long wait for his albums. I am impatient, so waiting 3 years between albums is not good. “Weird Al” must have heard my cries. I am, in fact, a “close personal friend of Al” (his fan club). “Weird Al” has decided in this digital time we live in that he will start releasing songs digitally one at a time to help keep the songs “topical” and current. Eventually he will release a regular album full of these songs. The first of these singles was released on iTunes first, and finally other distributors (so I finally got it yesterday on Zune Marketplace).

The song is a parody of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like.” To be honest I had never heard of T.I. until he was mentioned on a 30 Rock episode, and I had never heard the song. “Weird Al” unusually has titled his parody “Whatever You Like” also, which in addition to being confusing, is a first for “Weird Al.” So without further adieu, check it out!

And remember, if you like it, GO BUY IT! It is only 79 points on Zune’s marketplace and if you have iTunes (I don’t) you can click here.