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Getting Old…er

12 Nov

It  is that time of year again. No, my birthday is not in November, not even close actually, but every year in November I’m reminded of my getting older and this year is a biggie.

November 14th (Sunday) is my good friend (since 9th grade) Rob’s birthday. His birthday leads to the Keeper of Monkey’s birthday in December and then a mere six months later my birthday rolls around.

How can it be? My mom isn’t old enough for me to be leaving my twenties behind. It is absolutely impossible that I will be turning thirty next year. Yes, I will continue to say “next year” even though it is a short seven and a half months away. It is still “next year.”

How bad is thirty anyway? It feels bad, but I’m still a young adult…right? After I turn thirty will I have to tuck in my shirt? Wear less t-shirts? Cut my hair???

Am I old already??

Twenty-nine Years Ago the World Changed

6 Jun

Yup, you have it right. Twenty-nine years ago in a hospital in Springfield, Illinois a young woman was making history. She was giving birth to her first, and best, child. A ravishing young baby who would turn out to be one of the great blog minds on the internet.

Yup, that is right. It is my twenty-ninth birthday!! This also means I’m starting my thirtieth year! WOW! Mom, you are old! j/k


Just imagine this, only with a Benihana hat!

Tonight some family, friends and I will be hitting up Benihana! It is my first trip to the “original” as I have only eaten at Kobe (like last year!). Kobe is REALLY good, but I have to try out Benihana and see if they do anything to make them special. Oh yea, and they give you $30 to spend if its your birthday!

Now I Feel REALLY Old!

4 May

The AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) must be REALLY desperate for membership.

Ok, now my mom is ALREADY counting down the months to my thirtieth birthday but COME ON!

For those of you who don’t know my thirtieth birthday will be in June of 2011.

I will not be old enough for AARP for another TWENTY-ONE years (and one month)! I still think that will be early since I doubt I will be the “R” in AARP by then. I mean, it will be nice but not really realistic.

So, is someone playing a joke on me? Signing me up online for this to remind me of how quickly my hair is turning gray/falling out?

Should I send them $16 for a membership and consider myself retired? They do get some nice discounts and I don’t mind an early bird special every now and then!

Oldie But Goodie

15 Mar

So I don’t have a good post for today, sorry. But I ran across an old parody commercial that I like and decided to post it instead of working hard on a real post…yea…sorry. Enjoy!