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EA Sports Active Week 1

13 Jul

Let me start out by saying I’m not sure that I will be turning this into a weekly thing and I’m also not sure if I will be bringing back my Wii Fit weekly post, but I wanted to show that I’m still trying to sweat off the fatness and for my birthday I received a new Wii game to use. My parents bought me EA Sports Active (a game that my mom is also using).

EA Sports Active!

EA Sports Active!

That is my main page. Yesterday I got only 50% because I didn’t spend the extra time to fill out my “fitness survey” that asks you about what you ate and how much exercise you got the day before.

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Wii Fit Week Fifteen!

4 May

Wow! Fifteen weeks!!! Everyone is probably getting bored/annoyed with my weekly posts seeing me lose a little bit of weight here and there in the hopes of not being revolting anymore. I was given a suggestion yesterday on how to possibly become more attractive and I bet it would be a quick easy way to lose some quick weight…but I’m NOT cutting my damn hair. Eventually I’ll find someone who likes it…I hope.

If you are new to my posts you can view my past progress from Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Seven, Week Eight, Week Eleven, Week Twelve, Week Thirteen and Week Fourteen!

Starting out with the bad news...

Starting out with the "bad" news...

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