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Disney’s Upgrade to Blu Program

11 Jun

Now that I have a Blu-Ray player I was confronted with the problem of re-buying all of my old DVD’s so that I could have them in Blu-Ray. Well, I shouldn’t say that. I NEVER plan on upgrading all 200+ of my DVD’s to Blu-Ray. It just doesn’t make sense. Blu-Ray’s are still pretty expensive, so I’ll only get Blu-Ray’s on movies I REALLY want swapped.

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Shutter Island Review

23 Feb


The title is not lying, this is actually one of my good ol’ movie reviews! Trying to get back into the swing of blogging every once in a while. I hope you enjoy it!

On Sunday night, JC and I went to see Shutter Island (avoid Wikipedia links if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to read spoilers). It is really nice to have a new movie buddy and we’ve seen a few movies recently. None have really made me want to run out and blog though.

On Valentine’s Day I brought her to a wonderful dinner at Portobello Trattoria at Downtown Disney and then we caught a showing of Valentine’s Day. I enjoyed the movie and it has everyone in it. EVERYONE. Cute, romantic comedy and I believe a perfect Valentine’s Day movie. Don’t expect me to write a post about it and don’t expect me to buy the DVD. But if you want to rent a cute movie next Valentine’s Day? Check it out.

Back to the real reason for the post, Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. This movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and brought up an interesting thought on my part: Have I ever seen a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio? I can hear you, well, most of you. You just scoffed at the notion that I hadn’t seen a DiCaprio movie. I have never seen Titanic. Of course I’ve seen parts of the movie, but I’ve never seen it from beginning to end, something JC plans on changing. While working on this post I spent time going through every film on DiCaprio’s filmography (thanks to Wikipedia) and I can honestly answer the previous question. No, I have not seen any of Leo’s movies.

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FREE Movie Monday!!!

5 Jan
This is a box!

This is a box!

Today is Free Movie Monday at RedBox! Go get yourself a free movie! Find your closest RedBox here and then use the promo code 37CEA9. The coupon expires tonight at midnight and the movie will be due tomorrow by 9pm (after 9pm and each additional day will be only $1).

It is the best deal in movie rentals around! I’m off to decide what movie I’m going to rent…oh the choices!


22 Dec

Pixar has made amazing movies. WALL•E was amazing and FINALLY the new trailer for their next masterpiece has been released. UP is the name, I smell another winner!

May 29th? I’ll be there!


23 Sep
It looks like this...Yours will actually be real however.

It looks like this...Yours will actually be real however.

My good friend and fellow blogger has posted before about this new movie rental service called Redbox. True to its name the service consists of large red boxes located at Wal-Marts and McDonalds around the country. The service is pretty simple. You go on-line and find a box, pick a movie, reserve it and pick it up at the box. Alternately, you can just go to the box, pick a movie and it spits it out. The normal rental is only $1 a day.

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Happy Independence Day!!!!

4 Jul

Today is July 4th 2008. Today is the day we celebrate our independence and freedom here in the good ol’ USA. I’m not the most patriotic guy you’ll meet, but I recognize the significance of today and decided that I should devote my post to it today. I pray every night for the troops protecting us overseas even though I don’t agree with our “war on terror.”

I know that different people celebrate things in different ways. My families tradition is to go to an action movie on July 4th and if possible, a Will Smith July 4th movie. Why do so many of his movies come out on July 4th? The tradition started with “Independence Day“. We’ve also seen “Men In Black,” “Wild Wild West” and “Men in Black II.” This year we will be going to “Hancock.” No matter how you celebrate I think you might enjoy this little video about a guy who collects American flag nick nacks.

Movie Sequels

9 Jun

So Hollywood has decided to start reinventing decades old franchises for some reason and turn them into new movies. You may remember I reviewed the newest Indiana Jones movie recently. I have mixed feelings on these old franchises being reborn, but there is one thing I don’t have mixed feelings about: The new way of numbering/naming of the movies. Continue reading


29 May

First off, I LOVE MovieStop!! It’s like GameStop only for movies. I would link their website but they don’t have one that I can find. You can buy/sell/trade movies, so you can get some deals on movies (many times it is cheaper than renting!!!). There is one in front of the Super Target near the Seminole Town Center Mall (in Sanford) and one next to the Wal-Mart on Osceola Parkway at the Turnpike (in Kissimmee). Those are the only two I’ve seen…

Back when we lived in Longwood we would go to the one by the STC mall a lot and 9 times out of 10 there was this guy Carlos there. He was very nice and would remember what kind of movies we would buy and offer reservations along those lines. I always thought he was gay until one day his wife and kids were there…so I was wrong. Not that it matters to me anyways…

This afternoon I stopped by the Kissimmee MovieStop and who is there? Carlos! When I came to the counter he says “I know you, how do I know you?” I said “I used to go to the other MovieStop by the Seminole Mall” he says “ok” and rings up my two $5 DVDs. About 75 seconds later he goes “OHH, You always came in with that girl and bought ALL the Disney movies. Have you reserved the ones coming out this year…” he continues doing a good job selling me on movies that I don’t want. Carolyn was the driving force behind the Disney movies.

This was then akward…how should have I responded? What is the approprate response in my situation? I’m still new at this whole seperation/divroce thing. Anyone got any ideas for future encounters?