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Don’t they make shirts for that?

18 Jul

That is what I was thinking while sitting in Sea World’s Whale and Dolphin Stadium waiting for the show. I guess its my fault, I picked the seats. I sat us down next to a very nice family with three small children. One of which I would learn was still nursing…

So I googles and found that they do make shirts for that. Not only that, but they make a gazillion different styles of openings. OK not a gazillion, but nine. NINE!?!? And she just had a regular shirt…

Now, the family was British, or at least I assume so from their British accents. So maybe they don’t ship to the UK…I don’t know.

I don’t mind boobs, I don’t mind the need for women to nurse, but I think that with anything there is a time and place. A very crowded theater isn’t the best choice. Also, changing your seats with your young daughter because the large hairy American man is scaring her and sitting shoulder to shoulder with that man while you small child kicks him, causing said American man to turn and look may not be proper.

I’m scarred for life! OK, I’m not, but its something that popped into my head to write about. Other than that and the constant gray skies and rain (looked more like Seattle than Orlando) it was a good day. We did some water parking then hung out at Sea World. Gotta love the free beer!!!