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Getting Old…er

12 Nov

It  is that time of year again. No, my birthday is not in November, not even close actually, but every year in November I’m reminded of my getting older and this year is a biggie.

November 14th (Sunday) is my good friend (since 9th grade) Rob’s birthday. His birthday leads to the Keeper of Monkey’s birthday in December and then a mere six months later my birthday rolls around.

How can it be? My mom isn’t old enough for me to be leaving my twenties behind. It is absolutely impossible that I will be turning thirty next year. Yes, I will continue to say “next year” even though it is a short seven and a half months away. It is still “next year.”

How bad is thirty anyway? It feels bad, but I’m still a young adult…right? After I turn thirty will I have to tuck in my shirt? Wear less t-shirts? Cut my hair???

Am I old already??

Ear Infection

22 Apr

Yea, you probably thought those were just for little kids eh? Well, I have one. The doctor diagnosed me with Otitis Media and Otalgia. Which from what I can tell is a middle ear infection and ear pain.

My guess is that something flowed into my ear while we were checking out the new ride at Aquatica Saturday morning. Yes, we spent a couple hours at Aquatica before having lunch and going to beer fest.

I also should point out that it wasn’t exactly my doctor who made the diagnosis. I spent yesterday calling and waiting for my doctor’s office to call me back. They apparently were very full and were unable to squeeze me in, but they did say that if my symptoms were getting worse I should go to an urgent care center.

My hearing in my left ear got worse and the pain got worse, so I went over to the Lake Buena Vista CentraCare. It was actually a pretty good experience. I arrived at 4:42pm and was told that it was going to be about a two hour wait before I would be seen. Not a big deal since I noticed that they had a “Wi-Fi Available” sign up on the desk. Free Wi-Fi kicked ass!

After about twenty minutes of filling out paper work I settled in with my laptop doing my internet thing. Then suddenly twenty minutes later (I had only been in the office 40 minutes) my name was called and I had to frantically get my laptop put away.

The male nurse weighed me (which I was worried about since I was wearing my full work outfit. Including name badge, HUGE ring of keys, long pants, two shirts, long socks, heavy shoes, pens, notebook and I was even holding 3/4 of a twenty ounce soda. I was thrilled when wearing all of that I weighed in at less than what the Publix scale had been telling me!!!

After a lengthy wait for the doctor she quickly looked in my ear and became the second person (first was the male nurse) to comment on how I have deep and unusually shaped ear canals. She told me that I had a middle ear infection and fluid pushing on the back of my ear drum (which explains my muffled hearing).

She explained to me that she would give me a prescription for antibiotics and some ear drops but also recommends starting an Advil regiment to relieve the pain and swelling. A quick trip to CVS and I have drugs!

The CVS pharmacist would not believe me when I told him I hadn’t had a prescription in decades. He was sure with his “super” computer that he would be able to look me up. Well, I was right. So he had to enter all of my information and then I waited about ten minutes before I had my pills. First thing I noticed was how HUGE the antibiotics are. 125 mg:

So I have to take one pill twice a day and four drops four times a day for the next 10 days. Here is hoping that it clears up my problems!

Sorry about the crappy pictures. But here is one to show the size up against an Advil liquid-gel

So there you go. A grown man with an ear infection and he is telling the world on his blog. Is that weird?

Running…Part Two

14 Mar

So I told you last week JC and I have started doing some running and we have continued to run about every other day. We’ve run a few times at Cranes Roost Lake at Uptown Altamonte and once at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.

The weather in Orlando has been cold recently. REALLY cold! So most of our runs have been in sub 60 degree (or below) weather but last night we decided to run in spite of the weather. Cold, windy rain.

Because of the weather (and I4 traffic) we decided to run near the Orange County Convention Center (where I work) on Universal Boulevard. The rain was pretty bad at times and since it had been raining for two days there were some big puddles to fight.

We parked at the brand new Publix and ran down to Pointe Orlando and back. It would have been a great path if the sidewalk wasn’t missing in the middle (lame). We started by doing our alternating jogging/walking. This time doing 4 minutes of jogging and 3 minutes of walking, but on the way back we were soaked and ended up doing a lot more walking.

Our shoes were just soaked and got really heavy so we couldn’t really put as much jogging in as we would have liked to. The last time we went out we jogged a total of 21 minutes around Cranes Roost!

I still have some soreness and pain the day after our runs but overall I am feeling MUCH better about this whole running thing. Every time we run I feel like I can go a little further.

I don’t have anything to announce at this point, but we are definitely talking about doing some actual organized runs here later this year!


3 Mar

Last week JC told me that she wants to run a 5k. It also happens that my friend, The Keeper of Monkeys, is running in the WDW Royal Family 5k this weekend. After some thought I decided that it would be a good thing for me to start some running.

While thinking about going running I realized that I probably wouldn’t run very well in jeans or jean shorts. Seeing that I don’t own “work out” clothes I took a trip to Wal-Mart and got some cheap stuff. Shorts, long pants and a shirt all made with some of that cool dry-tec stuff.

After much dread on my part we took our first run last night. We walked over to Cranes Roost Park at Uptown Altamonte and fought the wind. We decided that I probably wouldn’t have a heart attack and die if we took it slow and alternated some running/jogging with some walking. We ran for three minutes and then walked for four minutes. All told we ended up running for 18 minutes and had a total walk/run of over an hour (including the walk to and from the park).

I won’t lie. It was tough. Towards the end of each of the running sessions my legs were burning and I was out of breath. I did survive however!

When I woke up this morning I was pleasantly surprised by only a dull pain in my quads. I was expecting my full body to hurt. I did my normal shower and dressing routine and then drove to work. That is when it got me.

When I got out of the car I thought my legs were broken. As the morning has progressed my ankles, legs, shoulder and back have all been stiff and had a dull pain. I’m guessing this is what happens when you run for the first time since school.

I feel good about what I was able to do and plan on continuing with the support of my beautiful girlfriend. I’m not a fan of the pain, but am hoping that it will get better as I go (probably just wishful thinking). I’ll try to keep this updated on my running progress. Our next “run date” is Thursday! AHHHH

Beautiful Blogger Award…

26 Feb

Yea…that is right. Someone thinks I’m beautiful! Apparently 2nd most beautiful of her blogging friends apparently!

My good (real life) friend Kati on her blog, What a World…, nominated me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award.”

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
  3. Link to the person who nominated you for the award.
  4. Share seven interesting things about yourself.
  5. Nominate your own seven Beautiful Bloggers.

Here we go…

  1. Thank You Kati!!!!
  2. Done above
  3. Done above
  4. Seven INTERESTING things? This may be up to someone else’s interpretation but here goes:
  • I’m a HUGE Disney pin fan. I love going to Disney (or even just Downtown Disney) and scouring employees pins looking for good ones to steal from them. I’ve been thinking about blogging about this…maybe soon?
  • I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. Straight up! I’m beyond lucky to have found someone so amazing who just fits with me (which isn’t easy BTW).
  • My hair is falling out. So much so that it creates “Joe Bunnies” (as JC coined them) that appear in the bathroom and try to escape. I’m worried that one day my hair may lead to the downfall of the human race.
  • As I said in my post yesterday, I’ve read more books this year than I had in many many years (maybe my whole life). I have a hard time getting into books and lose interest quickly. I also will develop headaches after long periods of reading. Lame.
  • I have recently started singing in a church choir again and am REALLY enjoying it. The choir at Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church is REALLY good and Pastor Chris has interesting sermons. It finally got to the point where I decided to join the church. As of Valentine’s Day I’m an official member! They had to vote on us, scary, and I passed!! Woo Hoo
  • I don’t have a lot of self-confidence. Prime example, this list! Writing seven things about myself is really hard. I’d much rather talk about a movie or some stupid internet fad then about myself. I also get REALLY nervous when I sing in front of people. I’m ok in the choir but I sang a solo at Christmas and will be singing a duet (with JC) coming up. I’ll probably have a heart attack that day
  • Last thing! I’m going to Italy this summer!!! WOOO HOOOO. I’m going with JC and some of her family. We will be visiting Venice, Florence and Rome. Maybe even going to squeeze some roller coastering in!!

5. I don’t think I know seven bloggers personally and one that I DO know tagged me (which means I probably can’t tag her!). I’ll tag Jessica, Joe and Rob.

Thanks again Kati for tagging me and I hope everyone enjoyed learning some “interesting” things about me. I’m beautiful!

So I’m back and not dead!

6 Aug

It is true! I made it back from my AMAZING roller coaster vacation!!!

Unfortunately I’ve been really busy with laundry (still have a ton to do) and working to catch up on my time off so I have had a hard time getting through all of the pictures that we took and get some blog posts written.

I did want to put a post up to say that I had a blast and I hope you will stick around to when I can actually get the time to write about the trip and show off some of the cool photos!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

7 Jun

Yes, yesterday was my 28th birthday and I must say it was a blast!!!

I would like to thank everyone who came out to spend some time with me!

First Jenny Cate spent the WHOLE day with me (and I didn’t have to pay her!) and even bought me breakfast for lunch to start the day!

Met up with Kati, Little Monkey, mom, dad, Jenny Cate, Rob and Tara for a couple games of bowling. Original plan was for mini-golf, but the weather was ugly…

Posing for a picture taken by Paul at the bowling alley. The shirt is a gift!

Posing for a picture taken by Little Monkey at the bowling alley. The shirt is a gift!

Dinner was AMAZING! I love Kobe!! Thanks to Jess, Joe, Atticus, Westley, Caelan, A.C., Barbara, Tara, Rob, mom, dad and Jenny Cate for sharing in the fun. Even with the very small children at the table, our chef ended up making it probably the most adult show I’ve ever seen!!

My birthday photo! Check out the cupcakes!!!!

My birthday photo! Check out the cupcakes!!!!

Rounded off the night with some time spent at my new favorite bar, Big Daddy’s Roadhouse for some karaoke!

I also made out pretty well in the gift department!

I got a bar of yummy Godiva dark chocolate and an Orlando Magic 2009 Eastern Conference Champions T-Shirt from JC (pictured above).

The family got me EA Sports Active and a heightened step for the balance board (I’m not certain that the link is to the exact product I got, but close enough). Also got a Mickey Mouse garden gnome (straight from the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival) which will be traveling with us on our trip this summer!!

Jess, Joe and the babes got me Guitar Hero Metallica for my Wii!! I’ve played it at their house and there are some KICK ASS songs on that disc! I don’t have the full band setup, but I might have to add a mic so I can sing!

Rob and Tara got me a full body condom and a case of beer!!

A.C. and Barbara got me a gift card to GameStop (did someone say mic for Guitar Hero???).

Once again I want to thank my awesome friends and family for a great day!

Farewell to a Dear Friend!

6 May

Some of you already know because the other night I polled a bunch of my friends as to what they thought of it. The response was a resounding “Joe, we hate your beard!”

Now, don’t think this is peer pressure. I’ve actually been thinking about a change for about a month and once I thought I came to a decision I put it up for vote knowing I would ignore all of you if you picked the wrong answer anyways! I really didn’t think it would be so lopsided though. I received 15 responses and only 2 were pro-beard!


There it is!

There it is!

Yup, the rest are past the break!

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1 May

So Kati tagged me…AGAIN…anyways, this one seems to be obsessed with the number 8

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. Karaoke tonight (it was last night, but I wrote this post yesterday)
  2. Four days off starting today
  3. Disney Saturday
  4. Finding the woman of my dreams
  5. Roller Coaster Trip 2 (Last week of July)
  6. Manta’s opening (new coaster at Sea World)
  7. Hollywood’s Rip, Ride Rockit (new coaster at Universal Studios)
  8. Finding my place in this crazy world

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Worked
  2. Facebooked
  3. Got tagged!
  4. Watched The Unusuals
  5. Wrote another edition of “The Unusual(s) Recap
  6. Watched three hours worth of DVR’d TV programs to free up space.
  7. Made some Soda
  8. Contemplated the meaning of life

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Attract the opposite sex
  2. Sing karaoke well
  3. Invent something so awesome that everyone uses it…
  4. Space Jump (see Star Trek, yes the new one)
  5. Dance
  6. Lose weight faster
  7. Own or coach the Miami Dolphins to a Super Bowl win!
  8. Think of an 8th thing that I wish I could do

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. Scrubs
  2. Better Off Ted
  3. The Unusuals
  4. South Park
  5. 30 Rock
  6. Good Eats
  7. Dexter
  8. Hells Kitchen

8 People I’m Tagging:

  1. I don’t really know anyone to tag….
  2. I’ll tag Rob (though I know he won’t do it)
  3. Jessica (already tagged and has no time to do it)

That is it…I hope you enjoyed it!


16 Apr

First, congratulations to my good friends Jessica and Joseph Luby. Jess and Joe welcomed beautiful twin boys, Atticus Joseph and Westley Allen were born at 3:13pm and 3:11pm respectively, Tuesday afternoon! Both boys weighing in at over 7 1/2 pounds and 2o inches long!

Crappy cell phone pic

Crappy cell phone pic

Even crazier than the size of those boys is the fact that I was honored with the opportunity to be Atticus Joseph’s Godfather! Atticus is the one on the right (I am pretty sure).

I know what you are thinking, but yes, she does know me well. She even reads my blog! Text of the day comes from Jess in the hospital “Woo Hoo! I farted!” I’m sure she can blame the drugs for that one!

Check past the break for another pic and my other BIG NEWS!

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