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Back from the dead!

13 Dec


Not really… I didn’t die, but I did let my blog die. Life has been super busy! I still have the beautiful JC in my life! Can you believe she has put up with me for over two and a half years?

I started officiating high school football this fall with the Central Florida Officials Association which was a blast! Maybe a post on that later?

Just recently I started brewing my own beer! Thanks to the Brooklyn Brew Shop I got a home brew starter kit that is the perfect size for my apartment. Brews up only one gallon at a time, but it is a start. Maybe more on that later!

I’m also blogging from my phone for the first time ever, sound if something is wrong blame that!

I am not sure if anyone still has me in their feed, but if you do, hello again!

My Perfect Valentine!

16 Feb

Monday was an amazing Valentine’s Day with the love of my life ,Jenny Cate! We did dinner and a movie and exchanged very similar presents!

Dinner was at Seasons 52. Wow! I absolutely love that place! This was actually our third visit in the past couple months. The first was just a date night and was JC’s first visit. Then we went for my mom’s birthday. I had something different each time and can’t complain about a single item on any course. They were all delicious!

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My Beautiful Sister

27 Oct

Has a blog!!! kaitlin getting bigger

Yes, my beautiful sister, Kaitlin, has started her own blog and I must say it is some pretty interesting stuff! She has been documenting her battle with gaining weight (exactly the opposite of my battle to stop being a fat ass!).

She also writes about life in Seattle, it’s a little different out there!

I personally love the pics and posts about my beautiful foster niece!

So you should TOTALLY go check out her blog! DO IT!! NOW!!!!

Love ya Kaiti!

Miami Bound!

21 May

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been dealing with a couple things that have kept me off my game.

#1 I had a busy week at work and was working at 5:30am!!! I’m not a fan of waking up at 4:25am btw.

#2 My leg mysteriously developed a nasty red area that blistered up. It looks like I dropped an iron on my leg. Probably a post about this tomorrow (if I can get it written here while packing).

This afternoon after JC gets off of work we are heading to Miami. We are going to spend the weekend hanging out with JC’s good friend from college. I believe that as of now on Saturday we plan on heading to Key West. Somewhere I’ve never been. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing and recharging weekend.

One final thought for today. I’m going to ask for everyone to send some prayers out for JC. This morning she had an interview for a teaching job in the fall. She should hear next week whether she got it or not. I’m hoping that some good thoughts going through the air can help her out. She is a great girl and deserves a great job.

Happy Birthday Jenny Cate!!!!

13 May

Today is a VERY VERY special day! It is Jenny Cate’s birthday!

Us looking hot!

Alright everyone, sing along!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday  Jenny Cate!

Happy birthday to you!!!!!

I’m so thrilled to be able to share in this birthday with you sweetie! I love you so much and thank God that he put you in my life!

Proof She is Amazing

8 May

So, you may have read my post on Cinco de Mayo. It was a little thing I worked hard on to show my feelings across the internet. If you didn’t read it, you should (as long as you like sappy love notes).

Anyways. To show my love and affection I got JC some pretty earrings. I did a good job but she did much better! She was sneaky and got something I didn’t expect at all. She caught me off guard and I love it!

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One Amazing Year!!!

5 May

One year ago today I drove up from Kissimmee to share a margarita with you at Chili’s. It all started a few days earlier when I invited you to join me and our common friend Fifi at Disney for her birthday.

I wore a Woot! shirt and a duck butt hat. I didn’t know that I was looking so hot!

You had already said no but from friends it grew. It took me a while to figure it out but I eventually knew. Wow, did I just rhyme? I feel like Dr. Suess! Continue reading

Busy Busy May

29 Apr

And do I mean Busy!!!

May 5th is the one year anniversary with JC (WOO HOO!)

May 8th is an old friend of mines wedding

May 9th is Mothers Day (We’re going to Disney with the parents)

May 13th is JC’s birthday

May 18th is JC’s mom’s birthday

May 28th is my sister’s birthday.


I have outdone myself by getting presents and cards for everyone early. I REALLY hope that I did a good job.

I’m going to try to have lots of posts about my busy May, so check back!

Best Valentine’s Day Present EVER!!!

6 Apr

So, my amazing girlfriend got me the best Valentine’s Day present ever and I received it yesterday!

Due to back-orders and them canceling the order it is a few months late BUT it is SOOO worth the wait!

As I told you before I’ve been reading the Dexter books. I’ve read ALL four of them and I’ve seen every episode of the Showtime show. I love me some Dexter.

The BOX!

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Amazing Chicken and Rice with Veggies a la Jenny Cate

29 Dec

So my girlfriend has been in Houston since the 23rd and I’m really REALLY missing her. Luckily she will be returning home TOMORROW! YAY! One thing I decided to do to trick myself into thinking she was still around was by cooking her amazing chicken, rice and veggies. Ok, so it really only tricked my stomach, but you know what they say about a man’s stomach!

Now, this recipe was developed by Jenny Cate and is kind of one of those cook by feel things. I tried to measure what I was putting in tonight so you could follow, but everything is approximate!

What you will need:

  1. Chicken (however much you want to make)
  2. Marinade (I used KC Masterpiece’s Roasted Garlic Balsamic)
  3. Rice (you can use instant or whatever you like – I used some Texmati Brown Rice)
  4. vegetables: Squash, Zucchini, bell pepper (red ones I like the best but I had green ones)
  5. Diced onions and tomatoes (I was out of tomatoes, so I didn’t use them)
  6. Garlic and garlic powder
  7. Onion powder, ground coriander
  8. Soy Sauce

The veggie ingredients

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