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Homebrewing Adventures!

3 Jul

Before my car accident a week ago Sunday I planned on brewing up a brew last week. After the accident I wasn’t in a mood to brew and had a lot of insurance calling/emailing to get all my ducks in a row. Due to the holiday (tomorrow is July 4th) I had a few days off this week and decided I would brew not one but TWO beers!

The first I decided would stretch my abilities to build a recipe (made so much easier by the internet and BeerSmith software) and stretch my equipment.I decided to brew two gallons of an Imperial IPA.

Label made with BeerLabelizer.com

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My First Brew!

17 Dec

My last post was about how I had started home brewing and I used a picture of my first ever brew fermenting in my pantry. Here it is again:

My Everyday IPA fermenting

That is from the Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA kit. The kit came with 95% of what I needed to make beer! I mashed, sparged, boiled and then put it in the pantry to ferment (what you see above). After a couple weeks I bottled (which is probably the messiest part) and then the bottles went back into the pantry for two more weeks.

The two weeks ended yesterday, so I popped a couple test glasses in the fridge to chill and finally got to taste the fruits of my labor.

It's Beer!

In my head (after reading many online forums) I imagined flat beer or sour apple tasting beer. I thought for sure that the little yeasts were all dead and there was going to be no head. Well, as you can see it had head!!! Maybe a little over-carbonated, but it had a good aroma and nice lacing as I drank. Best of all, it tasted REALLY good!

You’ll notice the awesome flip top bottle. I happened to have purchased that full of Flensburger beer! I emptied the bottle (into a willing mouth) and then cleaned and sanitized it before filling it back up!

Right now in my pantry I have a custom Festivus Winter Spiced Ale fermenting (with all the good holiday spices in it) and next week I plan to make a recipe I designed called JC’s Strawberry Moon with the famous JC!

Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA

4 Oct
The label prominently features hops!

The label prominently features hops!

The final beer in my trilogy of reviews is, by far, the most expensive and strongest beer I’ve ever had. Obviously then, it will be the most expensive and strongest of the three I decided to review. Dogfish Head’s 90-Minute IPA (India Pale Ale) weighs in at a whopping 9% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and I was able to pick it up at my local ABC Fine Wine & Spirits store for $11.50 for a 4-pack! Yes, 4 12-ounce bottles for $11.50. That is nearly $3 per beer ($2.85). However, think about it. When you go to your local bar or restaurant (not during happy hour) you see people happily paying $2.50 for a Bud and $3.50 for imports.

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