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Bob’s Potatoes!

1 Mar

So a while back JC & I went to ride the Fun Spot Ferris Wheel (on a whim) and I saw a sign for a place called “Bob’s Potatoes” but it did not appear open (because it wasn’t yet). I got excited because I thought about this place we went to in Huntsville, TX with JC’s cousin. Potato Shack served just about everything and anything inside of a baked potato. It was AMAZING! If you are near Death Row in Texas, check it out!

After one quick google for Bob’s Potatoes I found nothing and forgot about it. Fast forward to a month or so later and we hear about it opening and find out it is NOTHING like the Potato Shack. Bob’s Potatoes is a Rosti Potato place. We decided to try it out.


First off, the guy in the logo is SUPER CUTE! He (and the name) reminds me of own of my guilty pleasure TV shows Bob’s Burgers. Now, I will say that unlike Bob’s Burgers there wasn’t a fire when they tried to open, their are no weird kids running around in capes and it’s not a burger joint!

Alright, I know a minute ago I said “rosti potato” like it’s no big deal. I’ll be honest, I had absolutely no idea what that meant when I read it for the first time. I googled it and came up with this on Wikipedia: Rosti. It’s a Swiss dish of potatoes in a frying pan and it looks very similar to what Bob’s serves, but it’s not exactly it!

Bob’s Potatoes is a “Brazilian Rosti” and they take the potatoes and form them around a variety of meats and veggies then fry them in a frying pan (just like the Swiss version). They had a ton of variety and on the recommendation of the gentleman working we decided to split a medium (they have two sizes) Carne Seca. Had the gentleman not said that the medium was big enough for two, we probably would have gotten a large or two mediums, but wow I wish I took a picture because it was HUGE!

Carne Seca is  Brazilian smoked beef with cheese and onion and it was all stuffed inside shredded potato. JC and I looked at this huge mound of potato that was in front of us and were like WOW! I dug into it and it was delicious! I love potatoes and this was amazing. It’s so simple, yet so delicious. Really, their medium dish easily served JC & I for about $12 total. Awesomeness and Delicious.

To add to the awesomeness they had Mexican Coke! Yes, Mexican Coke! Real coke! It’s made with sugar instead of corn and comes in a glass bottle! We also got some free soup (to try because they have JUST opened). The soup was delicious. I have absolutely no idea what it was though. If I had to guess it had spinach and some sort of squash? Man, I really wish their website worked.

Now, they have a website, but it is obviously not quite ready for prime time. Bob’s Potatoes is a one of a kind place to me. I’ve never seen any place like it and definitely not in the touristy area of Orlando that I live. I wish their website had the menu up so you could see the options they have!

This is an example of a small, family owned business that is just starting out. It is a great little concept and I hope they can survive. If you live in Orlando or are visiting you should check it out! It is located in the strip mall at the corner of International Drive and Kirkman Road. It is near some great outlet shopping and Fun Spot! Check it out!

Great Orlando Wheel UPDATE!

29 Jun

So, the Great Orlando Wheel that I spoke of in my previous post is now official! It is said to be opening in 2010. The real reason I am updating is to show you this photo of its exact location and a video talking about this MASSIVE Ferris wheel. First a still shot:

 Great Orlando Wheel

 The very large (wide not tall) building just above the wheel is the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center (where I work). The road in the upper left is I4 and the overpass you see is the end of the Bee Line Beach Line (I hate that name) lets just call it the 528.

And now a video: