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“One Week”

19 Apr

I just ran across this awesome parody of BNL’s “One Week” by College Humor…check it out:

I also love this College Humor video about learning to play the guitar…but its not on YouTube so I couldn’t embed it. So just click the link. The last part of this video is classic and a perfect example of my life!

You’ve got to be kidding me!

25 Mar

When Guitar Hero first came out, I thought it was rather lame. Small plastic controllers with brightly colored buttons that didn’t actually correspond to the notes you were playing. I’ll admit that I own a Guitar Hero game and I do enjoy it. I’ve also had plenty of fun times with Rob and his new Guitar Hero World Tour (the one with the full band).

Do I feel like I’m playing the songs? No, not at all. I actually play (well I haven’t in a while) bass guitar and it is nothing like playing with those plastic controllers. But I accept that it is funny. However, Activision has just launched a teaser site for their next game: DJ Hero.

Yea, DJ Hero, as in a Disc Jockey. Those people that scratch up and use OTHER peoples music to make their own music. Does that mean I’ll be using a plastic controller to try to be a DJ, trying to make music out of someone elses music!?! It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Activision is again teaming up with Red Octane, the company that brought you Guitar Hero III and World Tour, NOT the people who brought you the original Guitar Hero games. They now make Rock Band!

Cutest Thing You Will See Today!

22 Feb

Today I am off to Busch Garden’s Bud & BBQ event with my parents. Miranda Lambert is playing tonight and my mom REALLY wants to go, and I don’t mind beer nor BBQ. Throw in a couple roller coasters and I’m there.

Before I left I wanted to leave yall with something that is crafty, geeky, cute AND AWESOME!

This is a 6-foot long Guitar Hero inspired scarf made by The Domestic Scientist. Read all about it at this post. By the way, that blog has one of the cutest tag lines ever “Mad Science With a Hint of Nutmeg.”