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Mango, Avacado, and Smoked Chicken Salad

17 Mar

I’m sorry this is late, but it is worth it!

The other night I decided to make a recipe out of my newest cookbook, Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite. Most (if not all) of these recipes come from Gordon’s BBC (now shown in re-runs on BBC America) The F Word. I love this show and my mouth waters at some of the food they make. Now I can try to make some of it.

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My Favorite TV Shows!

1 Jun

Since the “My Favorite Websites!”blog went OHH SOO well (8 whole views so far!) I decided to post my favorite TV Shows.

For those of you who don’t know my job can be pretty laid back at times so I have a lot time to surf the Internet, write blogs, and watch TV. There are times when I have to run around the 8+ million square feet buildings for 10 straight hours too, so don’t envy me too much!

Reality Shows:

Top Chef– BravoTv classic!

Hell’s Kitchen – I LOVE Gordon Ramsey.

Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares – NOTE: This is the British version that airs on BBC America NOT the FOX version.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – I wish I could be a prick like Anthony Bourdain.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern – I wouldn’t eat 99% of what is on his show…

Project Runway – This is a dirty little pleasure for me…It doesn’t hurt that it has a super model host (like Top Chef).


The Simpsons – Did you see my review of their new ride at Universal?

Futurama – I am Phillip J Fry…

Scrubs – I love it! Guy Love = best song ever.


Bones – Smart chicks are hot!

House – Smart funny gritty yet light medical drama.

CSI– Las Vegas is my favorite rendition, but I’m WAY behind on it right now!

Cooking Shows:

Good Eats – Anything with Alton Brown. Feasting on Asphalt is also awesome!

East Meets West – Ming Tsai is awesome, but this show isn’t on anymore…I’ve just discovered his “Blue Ginger” frozen dinners at Super Target. VERY YUMMY!

I’m sure there are shows that I’m leaving out…I hope you enjoy!