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Another Industry Bailout?

8 Jan

According to CNN another American industry is going to be requesting a federal bailout, but this industry isn’t on the brink of failure, yet. This industry is one of the largest producers of DVD’s and web traffic in the world. Yes, I’m talking about porn.

According to this article, Larry Flint (Hustler) and Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) are going to make the request for $5 billion!

I’m pretty sure this is more an act of comedy and satire on the current economic/political landscape. The federal government is giving billionaires billions, so why not them?

Drunk Girls Dancing…

21 Dec

Wow….Best Blog Ever?

Someone has decided to put together a blog dedicated to videos of drunk women dancing. Their tag line is “What’s not to like?” and I agree with them! Check past the break for some more information including and example video!!

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Bath Bombs

29 Jul
Its like a bad tasting wedding cake!

It's like a bad tasting wedding cake!

Today Joe is going to explore his feminine side. While taking a mission on PMOG (you know, that passive on-line game that is a Firefox extension) I was brought to the Craftzine Blog. This blog has a bunch of posts with “how to’s” with lots of napkin decorating that I have no interest in, but maybe you do?

But what caught my eye was a post linking to a “how to” on making those nifty bath bombs. Once I began reading it I realized that it appeared very easy. Check it out at Instructables.com.

I also thought this was interesting since I have been to Basin’s Downtown Disney store and recalled that these bombs weren’t very cheap. Their online site confirms that. $16 for 6 small ones? I’m no expert, but none of the ingredients look very expensive!

So if one of my female type readers would like to make this recipe and try it out, let me know!