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Do You Like Monopoly?

23 Jan

I do! In fact I received two more for Christmas this year bringing my total up to 16 non digital versions of the game! I also have it on my Android smart phone and for my old Nintendo DS!


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Wii Fit Week Eighteen!

25 May

So yea, I missed a couple weeks but this is the eighteenth week of my Wii Fit program. The last few weeks have been VERY busy! Girls will do that to you I guess. I was able to get on the Wii a few times this holiday weekend and so here is an update!

Still going downward!

Still going downward!

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You’ve got to be kidding me!

25 Mar

When Guitar Hero first came out, I thought it was rather lame. Small plastic controllers with brightly colored buttons that didn’t actually correspond to the notes you were playing. I’ll admit that I own a Guitar Hero game and I do enjoy it. I’ve also had plenty of fun times with Rob and his new Guitar Hero World Tour (the one with the full band).

Do I feel like I’m playing the songs? No, not at all. I actually play (well I haven’t in a while) bass guitar and it is nothing like playing with those plastic controllers. But I accept that it is funny. However, Activision has just launched a teaser site for their next game: DJ Hero.

Yea, DJ Hero, as in a Disc Jockey. Those people that scratch up and use OTHER peoples music to make their own music. Does that mean I’ll be using a plastic controller to try to be a DJ, trying to make music out of someone elses music!?! It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Activision is again teaming up with Red Octane, the company that brought you Guitar Hero III and World Tour, NOT the people who brought you the original Guitar Hero games. They now make Rock Band!

Wii Fit Week One!

26 Jan

So last week I told you that I planned on trying to do a “series” of blogs about my progress on Wii Fit. I am trying to do 40 total minutes of Wii Fit a day. With 30 of that being spread between the Aerobic, Strength and Yoga exercises and the last 10 being on the balance “games.” I was just over 238 pounds to start last week and while my first two days of Wii Fit I actually gained weight, I kept with it and my weight Sunday is just UNDER 236. Over 2 pounds lost in a week is pretty good for me I think! I also have had my BMI drop 32.25 to 32.01, still obese, but better!

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Animal Crossing: City Folk Review-ish

21 Nov


I recently purchased Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii (with WiiSpeak) and much like the previous two versions, I’m addicted. For those of you unaware, Animal Crossing is a series of video games where you move into a village and interact with other “animals” as you go along your daily lives. You make money by fishing or catching bugs or by running errands for your neighbors (though there appears to be less of that in City Folk).
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13 Oct
The Romans, Gauls and Teutons

The Romans, Teutons and Gauls

So as you all know I sit on the internet way too much. Most of my time is spent looking up football and racing information and looking at viral videos. I also chat with some friend on Pidgin to pass the time. Recently my friend Kori, who comments on my blogs regularly, pointed me to a game called Travian. This is an addictive browser based “real-time strategy” game.

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Zero Punctuation

27 Aug
From ZPs console war rundown

From ZP's console war rundown

As I mentioned yesterday, today I am going to talk about another foul mouthed video game reviewer that I watch as often as possible. This one is Zero Punctuation. Zero Punctuation is a British gentleman named Yahtzee currently residing in Australia. Unlike the AVGN, Yahtzee works nearly exclusively with current or brand new video games.

However, like the AVGN, he hates most of the games he reviews and curses like a sailor.  Yahtzee also doesn’t normally appear in his videos. He opts for a yellow background with near stick figures running around. As I’m sure you’ll figure out quickly, Yahtzee is always the character with the hat.

Yahtzee started on YouTube, but has been signed on by Escapist Magazine to exclusively review on their site. This means that nearly every Wednesday afternoon there will be a new Zero Punctuation Episode. I much prefer the weekly entries to AVGN’s sporadic release schedule.

Some of my favorite videos include the Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Army of Two and Guitar Hero III. Last weeks review of Soul Caliber IV was especially hilarious. Of course, I do not know what today’s will hold! (Those links are to videos)

Past the break I have posted a couple of Yahtzee’s episodes from YouTube prior to his signing on with Escapist. WordPress will not allow me to embed from Escapist Magazine’s site, so I cannot put most of his best videos below. Some are available on YouTube, but I do not wish to use illegal videos. Escapist owns the rights to the videos (and the ad revenue they bring in).

AGAIN, the language in these videos will be NSFW!

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Angry Video Game Nerd

26 Aug
This is from AVGNs review of the Power Glove

This is from AVGN's review of the Power Glove

The Angry Video Game Nerd (formerly known as the Angry Nintendo Nerd) is a reviewer of classic old video games. What makes him angry is the fact that he doesn’t review good games. In fact, he exclusively reviews crappy old games.

He reviews them while drinking beer (normally Rolling Rock) and spewing obscenities. At times it seems he has a minimum curse word count that he must reach to publish his videos.

His antics are very humorous and include crappy special effects and at times guest stars (Like Batman and Joker in his recent videos). I am a huge fan of his theme song written by Kyle Justin (Older videos won’t have the theme song).

You can find all of his videos at his website. You may notice that the site is “CineMassacre” which is his main gig. Check out CineMassacre.com to see some varied non-Hollywood type movies. YouTube doesn’t have many of his videos but I found a couple and have posted them past the break. These WILL be NSFW, so watch wisely!

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