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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

16 Apr

This isn’t exactly breaking news as I’ve been reading about it on other blogs for a while during testing, but Magic Kingdom has added a new interactive game. It is similar to the game found at EPCOT’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure (soon to be re-themed as Agent P from Phineas and Ferb. It is called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and it has some key differences to the Kim Possible version. I’m not going to try to explain the game in depth or give away any spoilers, I’m just going to give some basics and my immediate reaction having played it a bit.

First thing you do if you want to play is go to one of the Sorcerers Recruitment Center. The main one is in the Firehouse on Main Street. Another is in Fantasyland (but I haven’t been there yet). You will see a short video giving you an overview of the story, receive your first set of cards and then get a quick instruction on how to play.

The Starter Kit.

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Humans Make Mistakes

3 Jun

For anyone who is a sports fan you by now has heard hours of argument about the bad call made in the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Lions game last night. Check out the ESPN story here (Warning: Video auto-plays).

Here is the play:

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Wii Fit Week Four!

16 Feb

Yes, I made it one whole month! Well, actually, Wii Fit tells me that Sunday was my 29th day!

If you want to look back check my Day One, Week One, Week Two and Week Three posts!

I’m going to start out with the most important thing, weight. On Day One I was 238 pounds, how have I done over my first month?

Woo Hoo!!

Woo Hoo!!

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Go Dolphins!

4 Jan

Old Pic...

Old Pic...

Rob and I will be there today! 1pm game on CBS nationwide. Miami Dolphins host the Baltimore Ravens in a Wild Card game in the NFL playoffs! This is huge!



5 Oct

First off, Rob and I are heading down to Miami to see the Miami Dolphins take on the San Diego Super Chargers TODAY! GO PHINS!

Like the giant cell phone at the begining of the video? How about those AWESOME Zubaz! Zubaz is back BTW and if they made the Dolphins colors again I would so buy em!

Rob nabbed our tickets on EBay on the cheap and I’ll be packing up a cooler with some good booze! Since the game will be on TV in the Orlando area turn it on and see if you see us…HINT-We’ll be in the jerseys! If you don’t live around here check out this post about how you can figure out easily what games will be on in your area!

Zero Punctuation

27 Aug
From ZPs console war rundown

From ZP's console war rundown

As I mentioned yesterday, today I am going to talk about another foul mouthed video game reviewer that I watch as often as possible. This one is Zero Punctuation. Zero Punctuation is a British gentleman named Yahtzee currently residing in Australia. Unlike the AVGN, Yahtzee works nearly exclusively with current or brand new video games.

However, like the AVGN, he hates most of the games he reviews and curses like a sailor.  Yahtzee also doesn’t normally appear in his videos. He opts for a yellow background with near stick figures running around. As I’m sure you’ll figure out quickly, Yahtzee is always the character with the hat.

Yahtzee started on YouTube, but has been signed on by Escapist Magazine to exclusively review on their site. This means that nearly every Wednesday afternoon there will be a new Zero Punctuation Episode. I much prefer the weekly entries to AVGN’s sporadic release schedule.

Some of my favorite videos include the Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Army of Two and Guitar Hero III. Last weeks review of Soul Caliber IV was especially hilarious. Of course, I do not know what today’s will hold! (Those links are to videos)

Past the break I have posted a couple of Yahtzee’s episodes from YouTube prior to his signing on with Escapist. WordPress will not allow me to embed from Escapist Magazine’s site, so I cannot put most of his best videos below. Some are available on YouTube, but I do not wish to use illegal videos. Escapist owns the rights to the videos (and the ad revenue they bring in).

AGAIN, the language in these videos will be NSFW!

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