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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

16 Apr

This isn’t exactly breaking news as I’ve been reading about it on other blogs for a while during testing, but Magic Kingdom has added a new interactive game. It is similar to the game found at EPCOT’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure (soon to be re-themed as Agent P from Phineas and Ferb. It is called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and it has some key differences to the Kim Possible version. I’m not going to try to explain the game in depth or give away any spoilers, I’m just going to give some basics and my immediate reaction having played it a bit.

First thing you do if you want to play is go to one of the Sorcerers Recruitment Center. The main one is in the Firehouse on Main Street. Another is in Fantasyland (but I haven’t been there yet). You will see a short video giving you an overview of the story, receive your first set of cards and then get a quick instruction on how to play.

The Starter Kit.

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Screamin’ Gator Zip Line

1 Feb

On Sunday I had my first Zip Lining experience! We went to Gatorland and rode on their Screamin’ Gator Zip Line and it was a blast!

First we got to watch a funny safety video, then our guides helped us get into our safety gear! Here we are:

Me, JC, Danny and Mom ready to go!

Don’t we look hot? I may have possibly been a little worried…

Next we walked through the park (like Astronauts or something) to the first tower. We got to pose for a picture before making the climb. Here is the whole group:

Ready to go!

The Gatorland Screamin’ Gator Zip Line is 1,200 feet long (total) and at the top is 65 feet over hundreds of gators and crocodiles!

We all had a lot of fun!

Here is JC doing a superman pose:


Look at those hungry hungry gators!

Me flying backwards out of the second tower

I would highly recommend the Zip Line at Gatorland. I had a blast! The guides were hilarious and we were flying over GATORS! Check it out if you get a chance!

My dad is afraid of heights, so he did not partake in the zip lining, he was caught in a picture or two!

There is dad watching JC fly!

Also, if you are interested in all 106 photos from our tour, check them out here!

Key West 2010!

24 May

Wow…just Wow! Saturday we spent the day at Key West and it was AMAZING!

I had never been to Key West and so we had to do all the tourist-y stuff.

Being six twenty somethings we also did the drinking stuff.

First a shout out to the crew. FSU Kappa’s Melinda, Havely and my love JC. Who were nice enough to bring along the boys: James, Diego and myself.

Here we all are at Mile 0:

Left to right: Diego, Havely, JC, me, Melinda and James.

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Miami Bound!

21 May

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been dealing with a couple things that have kept me off my game.

#1 I had a busy week at work and was working at 5:30am!!! I’m not a fan of waking up at 4:25am btw.

#2 My leg mysteriously developed a nasty red area that blistered up. It looks like I dropped an iron on my leg. Probably a post about this tomorrow (if I can get it written here while packing).

This afternoon after JC gets off of work we are heading to Miami. We are going to spend the weekend hanging out with JC’s good friend from college. I believe that as of now on Saturday we plan on heading to Key West. Somewhere I’ve never been. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing and recharging weekend.

One final thought for today. I’m going to ask for everyone to send some prayers out for JC. This morning she had an interview for a teaching job in the fall. She should hear next week whether she got it or not. I’m hoping that some good thoughts going through the air can help her out. She is a great girl and deserves a great job.

Mother’s Day 2010!

10 May

Mother’s Day 2010 was a resounding success!

My family and JC’s family spent the day at The Magic Kingdom! It was a BEAUTIFUL but hot day out. I was expecting more of a crowd, but the lines were manageable all day!

We managed to knock out all of the major attractions and have an AMAZING lunch at Tony’s pretty easily.

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My Vacation: Cedar Point!!!

29 Jul

Yup, last year we went to Cedar Point and this year we are making a return trip to “America’s Roller Coast.” Sandusky awaits us again and this time we are setting aside even more time at this roller coaster mecca!

Our plan will be to have arrived yesterday afternoon and after settling in to our cabin on the point (yes really!) we hopefully will spend a few hours after 5pm to get the blood flowing.

We are staying at Cedar Point’s own Lighthouse Point. These cottages are right on the “beach” of Lake Eerie and in the shadow of the coasters!

We will be able to easily walk over to the park for our stay! These cabins have grills and fridges and seat up to six!

This should be comfortable accommodations for the three days we will be here! We plan on stocking up on some food stuffs to save some money (and our waistlines) during this stop on our trip.

I really look forward to this stop. The coasters again and the cottage looks amazing! Look forward to my trip report on this!


24 Jul

Wow! I just realized that I have a TON of blogs to try to write to keep you all interested through my vacation! You may remember last year my family and I drove up to Cedar Point and rode some amazing roller coasters. The decision was made to make a return trip! We have a full week plus two weekends this time, so we are doing it right! Want to relive last year? Check it out here, here, here, here, here and here.

Awesome picture I took last year!

Awesome picture I took last year!

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Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

7 Jun

Yes, yesterday was my 28th birthday and I must say it was a blast!!!

I would like to thank everyone who came out to spend some time with me!

First Jenny Cate spent the WHOLE day with me (and I didn’t have to pay her!) and even bought me breakfast for lunch to start the day!

Met up with Kati, Little Monkey, mom, dad, Jenny Cate, Rob and Tara for a couple games of bowling. Original plan was for mini-golf, but the weather was ugly…

Posing for a picture taken by Paul at the bowling alley. The shirt is a gift!

Posing for a picture taken by Little Monkey at the bowling alley. The shirt is a gift!

Dinner was AMAZING! I love Kobe!! Thanks to Jess, Joe, Atticus, Westley, Caelan, A.C., Barbara, Tara, Rob, mom, dad and Jenny Cate for sharing in the fun. Even with the very small children at the table, our chef ended up making it probably the most adult show I’ve ever seen!!

My birthday photo! Check out the cupcakes!!!!

My birthday photo! Check out the cupcakes!!!!

Rounded off the night with some time spent at my new favorite bar, Big Daddy’s Roadhouse for some karaoke!

I also made out pretty well in the gift department!

I got a bar of yummy Godiva dark chocolate and an Orlando Magic 2009 Eastern Conference Champions T-Shirt from JC (pictured above).

The family got me EA Sports Active and a heightened step for the balance board (I’m not certain that the link is to the exact product I got, but close enough). Also got a Mickey Mouse garden gnome (straight from the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival) which will be traveling with us on our trip this summer!!

Jess, Joe and the babes got me Guitar Hero Metallica for my Wii!! I’ve played it at their house and there are some KICK ASS songs on that disc! I don’t have the full band setup, but I might have to add a mic so I can sing!

Rob and Tara got me a full body condom and a case of beer!!

A.C. and Barbara got me a gift card to GameStop (did someone say mic for Guitar Hero???).

Once again I want to thank my awesome friends and family for a great day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo…and other stuff

5 May

So yes, it is Cinco de Mayo!!!!!! I hope everyone is going to enjoy your chips, salsa and tequila tonight. Remember, it still isn’t ok to drink Corona. Just say no!! I worked at a Mexican restaurant after high school and Cinco de Mayo was an insane day!

No, I’m not going to devote a whole post to Cinco de Mayo…I will also talk about something related…Chubby Checker??

Old man rockin!

EPCOT Flower & Garden Show!

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Barenaked Ladies at Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras!

10 Mar

On Saturday Rob, Mom and I went to Universal Studios Mardi Gras with Barenaked Ladies!! Unfortunately due to the crowd of very rude people mom left right before the concert, but we had a fun day before that with lunch at Margaritaville and a ride on MIB and one on The Simpson’s Ride.

After the rides we decided to go take a seat at the theater so we could have a good seat. While we walked over we went through the Mardi Gras party area and I recognized one of the stilt walkers! It was the OCCC’s own Event Manager Intern Celine!

She gave me a hug...awww

She gave me a hug...awww

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