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Do You Like Monopoly?

23 Jan

I do! In fact I received two more for Christmas this year bringing my total up to 16 non digital versions of the game! I also have it on my Android smart phone and for my old Nintendo DS!


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Getting Old…er

12 Nov

It  is that time of year again. No, my birthday is not in November, not even close actually, but every year in November I’m reminded of my getting older and this year is a biggie.

November 14th (Sunday) is my good friend (since 9th grade) Rob’s birthday. His birthday leads to the Keeper of Monkey’s birthday in December and then a mere six months later my birthday rolls around.

How can it be? My mom isn’t old enough for me to be leaving my twenties behind. It is absolutely impossible that I will be turning thirty next year. Yes, I will continue to say “next year” even though it is a short seven and a half months away. It is still “next year.”

How bad is thirty anyway? It feels bad, but I’m still a young adult…right? After I turn thirty will I have to tuck in my shirt? Wear less t-shirts? Cut my hair???

Am I old already??

Key West 2010!

24 May

Wow…just Wow! Saturday we spent the day at Key West and it was AMAZING!

I had never been to Key West and so we had to do all the tourist-y stuff.

Being six twenty somethings we also did the drinking stuff.

First a shout out to the crew. FSU Kappa’s Melinda, Havely and my love JC. Who were nice enough to bring along the boys: James, Diego and myself.

Here we all are at Mile 0:

Left to right: Diego, Havely, JC, me, Melinda and James.

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Miami Bound!

21 May

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been dealing with a couple things that have kept me off my game.

#1 I had a busy week at work and was working at 5:30am!!! I’m not a fan of waking up at 4:25am btw.

#2 My leg mysteriously developed a nasty red area that blistered up. It looks like I dropped an iron on my leg. Probably a post about this tomorrow (if I can get it written here while packing).

This afternoon after JC gets off of work we are heading to Miami. We are going to spend the weekend hanging out with JC’s good friend from college. I believe that as of now on Saturday we plan on heading to Key West. Somewhere I’ve never been. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing and recharging weekend.

One final thought for today. I’m going to ask for everyone to send some prayers out for JC. This morning she had an interview for a teaching job in the fall. She should hear next week whether she got it or not. I’m hoping that some good thoughts going through the air can help her out. She is a great girl and deserves a great job.

Beautiful Blogger Award…

26 Feb

Yea…that is right. Someone thinks I’m beautiful! Apparently 2nd most beautiful of her blogging friends apparently!

My good (real life) friend Kati on her blog, What a World…, nominated me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award.”

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
  3. Link to the person who nominated you for the award.
  4. Share seven interesting things about yourself.
  5. Nominate your own seven Beautiful Bloggers.

Here we go…

  1. Thank You Kati!!!!
  2. Done above
  3. Done above
  4. Seven INTERESTING things? This may be up to someone else’s interpretation but here goes:
  • I’m a HUGE Disney pin fan. I love going to Disney (or even just Downtown Disney) and scouring employees pins looking for good ones to steal from them. I’ve been thinking about blogging about this…maybe soon?
  • I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. Straight up! I’m beyond lucky to have found someone so amazing who just fits with me (which isn’t easy BTW).
  • My hair is falling out. So much so that it creates “Joe Bunnies” (as JC coined them) that appear in the bathroom and try to escape. I’m worried that one day my hair may lead to the downfall of the human race.
  • As I said in my post yesterday, I’ve read more books this year than I had in many many years (maybe my whole life). I have a hard time getting into books and lose interest quickly. I also will develop headaches after long periods of reading. Lame.
  • I have recently started singing in a church choir again and am REALLY enjoying it. The choir at Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church is REALLY good and Pastor Chris has interesting sermons. It finally got to the point where I decided to join the church. As of Valentine’s Day I’m an official member! They had to vote on us, scary, and I passed!! Woo Hoo
  • I don’t have a lot of self-confidence. Prime example, this list! Writing seven things about myself is really hard. I’d much rather talk about a movie or some stupid internet fad then about myself. I also get REALLY nervous when I sing in front of people. I’m ok in the choir but I sang a solo at Christmas and will be singing a duet (with JC) coming up. I’ll probably have a heart attack that day
  • Last thing! I’m going to Italy this summer!!! WOOO HOOOO. I’m going with JC and some of her family. We will be visiting Venice, Florence and Rome. Maybe even going to squeeze some roller coastering in!!

5. I don’t think I know seven bloggers personally and one that I DO know tagged me (which means I probably can’t tag her!). I’ll tag Jessica, Joe and Rob.

Thanks again Kati for tagging me and I hope everyone enjoyed learning some “interesting” things about me. I’m beautiful!

I WON! Again!

22 Feb

So, here we are again. I have not written much again. I know! I suck! What am I gonna do about it? Well, I don’t know. I’m not online nearly as much as I used to be, so it is more difficult to put together the edge of your seat, check your feed everyday content that I used to put up. Sorry. What I can tell you is that you get a post for today and I’ll have one for tomorrow! WOO HOO!!

So, with that of business taken care of…guess what…I WON!!!!!

My great friend and AMAZING blogger, The Keeper of Monkeys, held a 1,000 comment contest and I DIDN’T have the 1,000 comment. But giving her sister and other half of the Two Florida Girls a prize from Two Florida Girls would be a bit lame. So I apparently had the 1,001 comment. I was the default winner!! WOO HOO

I get to pick out something from the Two Florida Girls Etsy shop. I’m not sure what I’m going to get. They have some great stuff, but I’m thinking that I might get something for a lady in my life. Which one? I dunno. I’ll figure it out soon though Kt!

Making Smiles on Faces Award

12 Dec

I’m not even back blogging a week and I get an award! I must be the best writer EVER!

Ok, so maybe not but I’m glad to be recognized by someone!!! Check out my good friend Kati’s blog here. In order to accept this award, I must tell you five random things about myself.

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Resrevoir Dogs

21 Jul

Reservoir Dogs is being done on stage in Orlando RIGHT NOW! Yes, Tarantino’s cult classic movie is being done live. In your face and bloody!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo…and other stuff

5 May

So yes, it is Cinco de Mayo!!!!!! I hope everyone is going to enjoy your chips, salsa and tequila tonight. Remember, it still isn’t ok to drink Corona. Just say no!! I worked at a Mexican restaurant after high school and Cinco de Mayo was an insane day!

No, I’m not going to devote a whole post to Cinco de Mayo…I will also talk about something related…Chubby Checker??

Old man rockin!

EPCOT Flower & Garden Show!

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16 Apr

First, congratulations to my good friends Jessica and Joseph Luby. Jess and Joe welcomed beautiful twin boys, Atticus Joseph and Westley Allen were born at 3:13pm and 3:11pm respectively, Tuesday afternoon! Both boys weighing in at over 7 1/2 pounds and 2o inches long!

Crappy cell phone pic

Crappy cell phone pic

Even crazier than the size of those boys is the fact that I was honored with the opportunity to be Atticus Joseph’s Godfather! Atticus is the one on the right (I am pretty sure).

I know what you are thinking, but yes, she does know me well. She even reads my blog! Text of the day comes from Jess in the hospital “Woo Hoo! I farted!” I’m sure she can blame the drugs for that one!

Check past the break for another pic and my other BIG NEWS!

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