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Back from the dead!

13 Dec


Not really… I didn’t die, but I did let my blog die. Life has been super busy! I still have the beautiful JC in my life! Can you believe she has put up with me for over two and a half years?

I started officiating high school football this fall with the Central Florida Officials Association which was a blast! Maybe a post on that later?

Just recently I started brewing my own beer! Thanks to the Brooklyn Brew Shop I got a home brew starter kit that is the perfect size for my apartment. Brews up only one gallon at a time, but it is a start. Maybe more on that later!

I’m also blogging from my phone for the first time ever, sound if something is wrong blame that!

I am not sure if anyone still has me in their feed, but if you do, hello again!

World Cup 2010!

12 Jun

The World Cup started yesterday in South Africa! U! S! A! U! S! A!

So will everyone be watching the USA squad kick some British @$$ today?

While you are watching soccer check out Homer Simpson starring in a Nike ad:

Horrible News

17 Apr

After yesterday’s post of exuberance and joy, today brings us back to Earth and her cold realities. I didn’t think it could happen, but I guess he just couldn’t live without Brett Favre.

Yes, John Madden has announced his retirement.

But all kidding aside, John Madden is a legend and will be missed. And to Deana, tomorrow will be a cooking blog and it was yummy…

A Sad, Sad Day!

16 Dec

Monday was not a good day in my life. First I wake up early and drive over to the blood center to donate some platelets and I fail miserably. Ok, so I didn’t really “fail” it was more like the tech used the wrong arm because it was easier and then stuck me too deep. Either way, I get to try again next Monday and will be using my left arm! I DID however get the goodies associated with donating even though none of my blood actually will make it to anyone.

Then I get home to learn officially that last night the AFL (Arena Football League) has suspended the 2009 season. They are going to try to “reorganize” and play in 2010, but we know how well that went for the USFL with Donald Trump!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of coaches, players and support staff who appear to be out of a job. I also pray that the league, and the Orlando Predators, will be able to return in 2010. Not only have they lost the momentum of 22 straight seasons, but in 2010 they will be competing against the upcoming United Football League, which will be an outdoor league with a franchise in Orlando!

R.I.P. – Arena Football League and Orlando Predators may you not join the likes of the Orlando Renegades, Orlando Thunder and Orlando Rage.

Soccer Dive

6 Dec

I am a fan of most sports. I LOVE football, love hockey, enjoy post-season baseball and the occasional basketball game. I also enjoy watching soccer on TV, especially the UEFA Champions League (gotta love their “anthem“). The main thing that bugs me about soccer and why I cannot get more into it is all the diving. Every play it appears, to me anyway, that a player is taking a dive, or exaggerating contact to draw a penalty. Or when you see a guy writhing around in so much pain that they take him off the field on a stretcher only to be seen running back on the field a play later. I mean come on.

This brings me to the point of this post. I found this video on YouTube. Its from a Colombian top division match. Enjoy:

I can’t believe it. He got a penalty shot for that piece of acting! Not to mention that the “fouled” player was in an offside position anyways!!! The play was over as soon as the ball left the foot of the passing player!

Still kinda funny though…

Miami Dolphins vs San Diego Chargers

9 Oct

As I posted in my blog on Sunday Rob and I drove down to Miami to see the Miami Dolphins take on the San Diego Chargers. We got a couple cheap tickets in the upper end-zone. Bottom line for the game is that it was great. The Dolphins took care of those Chargers!

The final score!

The final score!

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University of Florida Sucks

28 Sep

Oh YouTube, how I love thee!

I don’t agree on the crack on the state of Florida, but I agree with the rest of it. Gator fans are the worst…Congrats on that great game against the national powerhouse Ole Miss!

NFL TV Distribution Maps

21 Sep
Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

It is NFL football Sunday, but do you know what games are going to be shown on your local CBS and FOX affiliate? Don’t go running to the TV Guide (do people actually still get those?)! Don’t go running to push the “Guide” button on your remote. You can use the internet!

Of course you could always go to your local affiliates’ websites and if they are anything like Orlando’s you’ll spend 10 minutes trying to find anything! A couple years ago I got turned on to a website that will tell you. Every week this site updates a very nice Google Maps’ map of the whole country color coded for your ease of use! Here is today’s map for FOX! His maps are copyright so I can’t steal it and post it here for you!

The site to hit is the506.com. Or here is a direct link to the NFL maps page. It normally updates Wednesday/Thursday which is when I get to see that my beloved Dolphins will probably not be on TV in Orlando (though they are this week!).

My Vacation: The Change of Plans

14 Sep

As I explained prior to my trip the plan was to drive up to Cedar Point, spend two days there and then drive to southern Ohio to go to Kings Island and ride more roller coasters! Well, that isn’t exactly what happened. We did spend two days at Cedar Point (and they were great!) but due to some grumpy family we decided to cut the trip a bit short. Yes, I was sad! However, this gave us the opportunity to do something in Ohio that I have wanted to do for a few years now. What did I get to do????

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A-11 Offense

30 Jul

After yesterday’s girly post…I needed a testosterone injection.

It’s almost football season and I LOVE football. I play fantasy football and I watch as much NFL and college football as I can each week. Each year there is very rarely anything new in football. It’s basically the same type plays run over and over. The biggest changes are when teams like the Patriots and Colts run the plays “no huddle.” Which is just running plays back to back very fast.

While paging through YouTube I found this video:

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