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Art imitates Art?

22 Jul

If you can call a Food Network show art that is…

NSFW language in the following video:

That song is from the movie “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.”

Now, 10 years later Brian Boitano is making a comeback. He is going to star in his own Food Network TV show, “What Would Briant Boitano Make.”

I’m not kidding. I can’t make this shit up it is so funny! The show’s logo even has the “DO” just crossed off.

Brian Boitano has skated in the past to the song from South Park, so I’m assuming he is a fan. But A.) Why is he doing a cooking show? and B.) Why would Food Network want to reference a rather raunchy song on their network?

I’ll be DVR-ing it…just for the name!

Paula Deen is Trying to Kill Us…

30 Apr

Just listen to this text to speech video about it:

Yes, fried mac and cheese wrapped in bacon…….Also check out Serious Eats’ special series Paula Deen is Trying to Kill Us Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6! #6 is my favorite! Ham and banana casserole!

Feasting On Asphalt…

26 Jun

As I said in my Favorite TV Shows post, I enjoy Alton Brown and his cooking shows. I also thoroughly enjoyed his Feasting On Asphalt series. These two mini-series follow him and some crew on a motorcycle ride across the US eating at off the beaten path roadside eateries.

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