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Did You Vote?

2 Nov

Today is the day!!! The political ads are done, it is ELECTION DAY!!

I’m glad I can put the piles of advertisements behind me and I hope that the US can move forward with whoever is elected.

I voted this morning and am lucky because my precinct is so far off the beaten path that only one person was there with a sign and his signs always make me laugh. Eric Eisnaugle. I wonder if he is related to this bear?

This was my first time voting for the person who signs my paychecks, which is kind of weird, and I’m sure a little unusual. Hopefully they don’t know who I voted for so I can’t get a pink slip from the other one!

Bottom line, if you are 18+ and an American citizen you should make your voice heard. Whether you like Tea Bags or coffee. Elephants or Donkeys. It matters not, just vote!

Key West 2010!

24 May

Wow…just Wow! Saturday we spent the day at Key West and it was AMAZING!

I had never been to Key West and so we had to do all the tourist-y stuff.

Being six twenty somethings we also did the drinking stuff.

First a shout out to the crew. FSU Kappa’s Melinda, Havely and my love JC. Who were nice enough to bring along the boys: James, Diego and myself.

Here we all are at Mile 0:

Left to right: Diego, Havely, JC, me, Melinda and James.

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Tropical Storm Fay

21 Aug

So, that was overblown. I can’t believe school was canceled and I was told to “hunker down.” Mom hates “hunker down.” I’m not sure where “hunker down” came from, but I remember the first time I heard it was during the 2004 hurricanes and ever since then every radio host, TV host and weatherman seem to say it whenever a topical disturbance approaches. I’m not sure I know exactly what it means.

According to FreeDictionary.com it’s number one definition is “to crouch or squat.” Is that what I’m supposed to be doing? If so, I guess I’m a bad person because I prefer to sit comfortably on my couch during a hurricane.

I’m not trying to say that people should not prepare for storms, but really, you should be prepared all the time in Florida. I could not believe the lines of people at all the gas stations and banks along with the huge crowds at grocery and hardware stores. I always have some water sitting around just in case and I normally try to fill up the tank in my gas tank when it reaches 1/2 tank, so I don’t have to fight for gas when a storm comes.

I also noticed quite a few hurricane shutters going up in my neighborhood which I guess is good to be prepared, but maybe a little overkill.

All in all it rained A LOT at my house, but it seems to rain more there than it ever did at my parents house. Everything is fine at my house, my parents house and all of my friends that I have spoken to and I thank God for that. Here’s to another quiet hurricane season even if I enjoy sitting outside watching the rain blow sideways!

Great Orlando Wheel UPDATE!

29 Jun

So, the Great Orlando Wheel that I spoke of in my previous post is now official! It is said to be opening in 2010. The real reason I am updating is to show you this photo of its exact location and a video talking about this MASSIVE Ferris wheel. First a still shot:

 Great Orlando Wheel

 The very large (wide not tall) building just above the wheel is the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center (where I work). The road in the upper left is I4 and the overpass you see is the end of the Bee Line Beach Line (I hate that name) lets just call it the 528.

And now a video: