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Census Fail!

15 Apr

Way back on March 19th (almost a whole month ago) I told you about how I got my census form! I even told you about Trekkie answers on the census. But what I found in the mailbox on Tuesday has just floored me.

I received a SECOND census form. So what do I do? Does it mean that my first one (which I mailed on April 1st) had a problem? There is no information in the packet other then the standard stuff that came the first time!

I guess they really want to count me, but if I respond twice would I be breaking the law? Maybe I should fill it out for my parents since they didn’t get a census??

Call Center Math

7 Feb

No offense Rob, but apparently people who work in call centers have no idea how to do math. This is from FailBlog.org (check them out for more HILARIOUS pictures and videos.

This is made even more better by the fact that it is Verizon (the evil empire). AT&T FTW!!!

For those of you who don’t get it, the actual rate they charge is $0.002 but they are saying it incorrectly. $0.002 is NOT .002 cents. And its not even close to the two tenths of a cent that the first rep quoted.

Retro Product Name Fail…

12 Jan

This is for a diet product…

Got AYDS? It’ll help ya lose weight! So get AYDS!