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Drunk Girls Dancing…

21 Dec

Wow….Best Blog Ever?

Someone has decided to put together a blog dedicated to videos of drunk women dancing. Their tag line is “What’s not to like?” and I agree with them! Check past the break for some more information including and example video!!

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Beer Goggles?

12 Oct
You know you what Im talking about!

You know you what I'm talking about!

Have you ever gotten drunk and then said something to someone that you shouldn’t have? Have you ever gotten drunk and texted something to someone that you shouldn’t have? Well I can’t help you there, but if you have ever gotten drunk and then emailed your undying love to your ex I have a tool for you!

Gmail (a great email service BTW) has come out with a new service called “Mail Goggles.” Once you activated it you can set it to know the days and times you are most likely to be on the computer hammered, it defaults to Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm and 4am, but you can set it to any time and date combination you would like. During that window if you attempt to send an email it will pop up and ask you a series of relatively simple arithmetic problems. If you fail the test, your email remains in your outbox and you keep yourself from being embarrassed this one time.

As someone who has emailed innapropriate things while drunk, I have activated this feature. Only problem is that when I’m on my desktop computer I use Outlook and this only works when you are connecting to gmail via its website.

Oh well, you can find more information about “Mail Goggles” here. If you want Gmail and need an invite, send me a note and I will invite you over to the dark side!