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Debbie Does Florida

27 Jun

and I was in a car accident! I can’t really blame Debbie, sure the road was slick due to the rain but a dry road would not have prevented the crash. It would not have prevented this:


Poor Cobalt

That is the result of a Honda Civic turning in front of me. I was just minding my own business driving home when a Honda Civic coming in the opposite direction decided to turn in front of me.


That’s my baby being towed to its temporary home at the repair shop. I kept myself from blogging about it because there was a lot of questions after the accident, like why would the other driver say “I’m not sure if I have insurance” and then give the FHP officer the wrong insurance.
Luckily today I received the confirmation that the other driver did in fact have insurance and then after clearing up some iffy facts that his insurer was confirmed that he was 100% at fault and they would be taking care of my car.

I even got a rental since their adjuster may not make it to my car for a week. Enterprise was nice enough to pick me up and rent me a nice Dodge Avenger (AVENGERS UNITE!) Which brings me to this:


Those are my rentals GIANT keys tied together. I wear baggy pants, and carrying lots of stuff in them is kinda what I do. But these are ridiculous. PLUS I still have my normal key ring to fit in there…

OK, I know that is a total first world problem, but I needed to rant after a rough few days.


Another Funny Segway Video

19 Jul

So I had to fix my previous Segway video, but it is working again and you can read my post and watch the video here.

While re-finding the previous video and found this one. This one makes me laugh very hard but for a very different reason. Why would anyone do this?

Crash test dummies?!?! Super slow-motion camera? I just don’t know what to say…it boggles the mind!!

McDonald’s employee riding a segway!

4 Jun

Found this video on YouTube. It is taken at the Orange County Convention Center (where I work) during, what looks to be move-in, of the HUGE McDonalds show this year. These 4 women work for McDonalds/the show management team (I can tell by the type of Segways they are using).

I have no words to describe the elation I get from watching this video over and over again!