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Sansa Clip 8GB from Woot!

14 Apr

On April 1st Woot! was having  their “Woot! Your Own Adventure” fun on their main site with many good deals available if you could find them! I ended up purchasing on one of their sister sites, Sellout.Woot! Sellout is a partnership with Yahoo! shopping and was recently incorporated into Deals.Woot! Confused yet?

Bottom line is that I purchased an 8GB Sansa clip for use when I run (especially when there comes a time I need to run on my own). The Sansa clip appears to be perfect for running since it is ITTY BITTY! But more on that later

I was excited when I opened the mailbox and saw this:

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Happy April Fools Day!

1 Apr

My favorite April Fools joke I’ve seen so far? Toshiba’s new TubeTop laptop! There world’s first inflatable laptop!!! Remember I got a Toshiba for Christmas and it KICKS BUTT! In fact, I am typing this blog on it right now. Love it! I just wish I had known about the inflatable laptop!

Check out Toshiba’s official video for the TubeTop:

Also, check out Toshiba’s official website (http://laptops.toshiba.com/tubetop) for more information!

What is the secret of a good April Fools joke? Full commitment! Official website? Official video? Glossy magazine style photo shoots? Great product innovation that everyone wants? Great product name? I know this one may not actually make you think that they are ACTUALLY going to make the TubeTop, but I liked it.

Well done Toshiba! Well done!

Mom’s New Toy!

5 Mar

So I didn’t have a chance to write a blog last night because I was busy setting up my mom’s new toy!

For years my mom has had to fight with my little brother for computer time to check her email, pay her bills and most importantly, read my blog! She often would get days behind on my blog! COMPLETELY unacceptable!

I always said she should just get a laptop, but never did I imagine that a fad would run through the computer world with this new “netbooks.” Which are really just REALLY small laptops.

Mom got a Dell Mini 9n. This is a 9 inch netbook loaded with Ubuntu (a Linux system) rather than Windows. The reason being, Windows is a resource hog and this little netbook is anything but a resource powerhouse.

This little baby came with a 1.6ghz processor, 512mb RAM, 4 GB SSD drive and built in wireless. I have never used Ubuntu before, but it was a breeze. In only about 20 minutes I had the computer set up and on the internet.

Since it doesn’t have Windows, no Internet Explorer and that is ok. I prefer Firefox anyways! It also came loaded with Open Office, which I HIGHLY recommend if you need a FREE office program. It will open Microsoft Office documents, so don’t worry about that!

Now, the downsides of this little baby. It doesn’t have much storage space, but you can upgrade that. Mom paid $185 (with a discount) for hers and she really REALLY doesn’t need the space. She just wants to be able to check her EMail while Daniel is blowing away enemies on WoW or something. The screen is small, but the space is used well by Ubunutu, so you could get used to it.

Finally, the biggest downfall (for me) is the keyboard. It is ITTY BITTY. Mom seemed to have no problems with it, I was constantly hitting the wrong keys/mashing two keys at once.

Bottom line, Ubuntu seems to kick ass, the little computer is fast and does exactly what we got it to do, so it should keep mom happy!

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld!

18 Sep

I’m sure by now most of you have seen at least one of the new Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld commercials and at first I was very concerned by them. The first one with Bill and Jerry at “Shoe Circus” seemed extremely random and I wasn’t sure what they were trying to sell. Churros? Shoes? Cake?

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8 May

WARNING: This is a rant…

So today was supposed to be a pretty good day, I worked my 10 hour shift, then drove over to the parents house so that I could install a new video card in my parents computer so my little brother could play the upcoming game “Age of Conan.” It’s one of those big MMO’s like World of Warcraft, and according to my brother it is going to be “THE BEST EVER.”

So this all started over a week ago when I get called over to see that AoC’s website said that the computer would need a little upgrading in order to run. My first response, screw the game, stick with WoW! After a while my brother convinced my mom to spend the bucks and I was commissioned to find the parts and install them. I spent two days researching the video cards looking at HUNDREDS of them to make sure the one I would pick would A.) Work with the computer and B.) Run the stupid game.

So I followed the step by step instructions and the card worked! But now the Ethernet and bus drivers on the motherboard were failing…wierd…no worries, I pull out the laptop and find new drivers and replace them. Now everything is working…YAY! But wait, after a couple reboots the computer gives me the dreaded BSOD!!!! (Blue Screen of Death) NOOOO!! After another hour and a half I get all the drivers reinstalled and it WORKS! But don’t reboot the thing cause the BSOD is back!

Finally I had to rip the card out and install the old one and re-install ALL the drivers again!!! According to everyone’s website (MSI, NVidia, BFG) the card is COMPLETELY compatible with the computer, so now on my next day off (other than tomorrow) I’m gonna have to call BFG (makers of the card) and bitch and bitch and bitch…since my mom dropped over $100 on a card that ain’t working.

I will be spending the day tomorrow at EPCOT’s Flower and Garden festival with my mom. I plan on taking pictures with my new camera and will try to do a nice picture post tomorrow!