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Fast Don’t Lie!

1 Nov

Dwight Howard and Slim Chin (Ken Jeong) making me laugh my ass off!

Side note…is Ken Jeong not one of the funniest dudes around right now?? I know everyone saw him in The Hangover. But he was also in Knocked Up, Role Models, Couples Retreat (probably the funniest part of that whole movie) and Pineapple Express not to mention his HILARIOUS role of Senior Chang on Community (GREAT show).

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Booty Pop

10 Mar

This may not be a new product, but it is new to me. While watching a Guilty Pleasure TV show I saw a commercial for Booty Pop Panties!

These are panties with “implants” in them to make your butt bigger or “pop.”

Do you think the make them in men’s styles?

And don’t forget about your FREE Panda Express today!!!


4 Mar

So, I saw this video on a favorite blog of mine Serious Eats and found it too amazing to pass up.

This is a commercial for IHOP (International House of Pancakes) from 1969. Judging by this commercial I would say that IHOP was looking to draw in some customers who may or may not have enjoyed some illicit drugs.

“Of course it says pancakes on the outside but there’s a lot more on the inside.” <–Now that is an understatement.

FreeCreditReport Commercial

26 Jul

I decided that since I am on a roller coaster trip that I would include this commercial.

No, it wasn’t filmed at any of the parks I’m going to, but it is still a cool looking ride!

Today we drive from Atlanta to Cincinnati and tomorrow we will be spending at Kings Island!

Oldie But Goodie

15 Mar

So I don’t have a good post for today, sorry. But I ran across an old parody commercial that I like and decided to post it instead of working hard on a real post…yea…sorry. Enjoy!

Tiger Is Back!

26 Feb

Yesterday at 2:02pm EST Tiger Woods returned to action after his knee surgery. He has been out 8 long months. To commemorate his return, Nike has a new commercial and I love it!

So here it is:

The party is over! Check out another new one past the break:

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Funniest Commercial Ever

18 Jan

This commercial is a little on the naughty side, but there is no nudity or language…Enjoy…Make sure you have your speakers on!

Funniest New Commercial!

15 Nov

I love Ozzy and I love AT&T. I also have one of AT&T’s new “quick messaging” phones (though I do not have the one in the commercial). This commercial made me laugh this morning so I thought I would share it with you!

Do You Suffer from Monkey Butt??

3 Jul

I’m really not sure if I do or not. After a long theme park day of walking my thighs will be a bit raw, but not really my butt. Anyways, the reason I ask is because there is a product out there to help you if you suffer from Monkey Butt. It’s called Anti-Monkey Butt Powder. Yes, that is the official product name…here is the commercial I just saw air on ESPN:


If you do suffer from monkey butt, go pick up this product and let me know if it works. If not, at least there is a monkey in the commercial!