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Sesame Street Meets Lonely Island…

8 Jun

I’m on a boat!!!

NSFW Warning. Explicit lyrics

“One Week”

19 Apr

I just ran across this awesome parody of BNL’s “One Week” by College Humor…check it out:

I also love this College Humor video about learning to play the guitar…but its not on YouTube so I couldn’t embed it. So just click the link. The last part of this video is classic and a perfect example of my life!

Horrible News

17 Apr

After yesterday’s post of exuberance and joy, today brings us back to Earth and her cold realities. I didn’t think it could happen, but I guess he just couldn’t live without Brett Favre.

Yes, John Madden has announced his retirement.

But all kidding aside, John Madden is a legend and will be missed. And to Deana, tomorrow will be a cooking blog and it was yummy…

Better Off Ted on ABC

15 Apr

I have just this past weekend caught up on my DVR’d episodes of ABC’s new comedy, Better Off Ted and have decided that I must share this with the world! I LOVE this show. The writing is creative, the characters are interesting and the humor has caused me to LITERALLY LOL every episode.

The show is a comedy, obviously, that follows Ted who is the head of R&D at Veridian Dynamics. Veridian Dynamics is portrayed as the standard gigantic American corporation with no real feelings about its employees. They even have a “day care” program where they are “training the workers of tomorrow,” literally, they are! They have kids as janitors walking around the office and kids as scientists mixing stuff in test tubes!

Ted’s boss, Veronica, is hilarious. She manages to not care about anything or anyone and show very little emotion. In the second episode she used Ted’s daughter, Rose, to fire someone because she realized that Rose’s 7-year old presence kept people’s emotions in check in those type situations.

Rose is probably my favorite character in the show. She has some of the smartest lines written for her, but she doesn’t sound like she is older than 7, the lines are just creative enough to accurately portray the smart, innocent point of view of a 7-year old. Kids don’t have all the filters that we have learned over the years and manage to cut straight through the BS, and the show does that very well!

Better Off Ted is on ABC at 8:30pm Eastern (just after Scrubs) Wednesdays (that is tonight!) and I think you should check it out! If you want to catch up on the first few episodes visit ABC’s site here and click “Watch Free Episodes.” WARNING: Clicking the link I posted brings you to a site with an auto-play clip. A VERY funny clip from last week’s discrimination episode, but I will warn you that you might want to click pause quickly if you are at work or something.

Ghost Town DVD Review

28 Mar


The other night I went over to my parents house where mom and I watched Ghost Town on DVD. I remember seeing the previews for Ghost Town and wanting to see it, but 2008 was a busy movie year so I never did. Mom added it to her Netflix queue and the next thing we knew, we had it!

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I Love You, Man Review

23 Mar

I know today should be a Wii Fit update, but I haven’t had a chance to take some pictures. So I’m going to skip a week and continue on.

On Friday night my good friend and roommate Rob and I went on a “Man Date.” At least that’s what all my female friends have said it was. We had dinner at Red Brick Pizza at The Loop before catching a movie. First off, Red Brick Pizza, they have the potential to make REALLY good pizza, but it was just WAY too greasy again. The last few times I’ve been there the pizzas come out of the oven with at least 4 or 5 tablespoons of oily mess on top. It really wrecks the pizza. Anyways, on to the movie.

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Don’t Piss Off Jon Stewart

6 Mar

I would not recommend pissing off Jon Stewart by canceling last minute on his show, The Daily Show. If  you do, he may spend over 8 minutes calling out your entire network, enjoy:

The Jeff Dunham Show…

14 Dec

…was awesome!!!

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Role Models Review

14 Nov


If you have read any of my other reviews you probably know that I enjoyed this movie. “Role Models” is a comedy starring and written by Paul Rudd. The movie also stars Seann William Scott (you may remember him as Stifler from American Pie), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from Superbad), Elizabeth Banks (she is in a lot of movies right now), Jane Lynch (Paula from The 40-Year-Old Virgin) and Bobb’e J. Thompson (who I have never heard of). The movie revolves around what happens when Danny (Rudd) and Wheeler (Scott) get court ordered time being “bigs” in a mentor-ship program called “Sturdy Wings.” The court ordered time is due to Danny’s breakdown after his girlfriend, Beth (Banks), dumps him after a half-hearted proposal attempt.

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Jeff Dunham

13 Nov

I didn’t have a post for today so I decided to leave you with five and a half minutes of pure Jeff Dunham and Walter bliss:

My family and I will be seeing Jeff live at the Silver Spurs Arena on December 12th!