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Census Fail!

15 Apr

Way back on March 19th (almost a whole month ago) I told you about how I got my census form! I even told you about Trekkie answers on the census. But what I found in the mailbox on Tuesday has just floored me.

I received a SECOND census form. So what do I do? Does it mean that my first one (which I mailed on April 1st) had a problem? There is no information in the packet other then the standard stuff that came the first time!

I guess they really want to count me, but if I respond twice would I be breaking the law? Maybe I should fill it out for my parents since they didn’t get a census??

Census For Trekkies!

2 Apr

I got this article from a Tweet by LeVar Burton (@levarburton) yesterday.

Census Bureau Receiving Forms With Star Trek Races Written In (From TrekMovie.com)

I, as I told you, filled out my census form without thinking of having some fun. I wish I could be recognized officially as a Borg or Vulcan or Cardassian ( Not Kardashian). I could have at least put Trekkie in the box!

In other Census news. My parents didn’t get a Census form. I got a pre-letter, the Census and a postcard reminding me to fill out the Census and my parents got nothing. The house has been there since the  early 80’s and they’ve lived there since 1986 so apparently the US Government knows who lives there…They are watching us you know!

The Census!

19 Mar

So I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for the U.S. Census. Well, I will be counted! I received my letter last week telling me that I would be receiving an official census form. Why the two letters? I have no clue. I am not even sure why there have been TV commercials, but I like the ones that don’t feature the stupid song:

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