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Bruno Review

12 Jul

I am not going to go through the effort to type the umlaut for this movie. Sorry. It just isn’t worth it…

Bruno stunk…

This movie was just another Sacha Baron Cohen masterpiece…wait that isn’t the word. Farce would probably work much better.

Don’t get me wrong. If you like homoerotic jokes and full frontal male nudity repeated for 90 minutes, you might like this movie. It is the same big gay joke over and over. Look he is having sex using a dildo attached to a stationary exercise bike. Look he is using that same contraption to rock his African baby’s crib. Look he is hanging out with rednecks and hitting on them. Look he is hitting on Ron Paul.

The funniest jokes are all in the previews, so keep your money in your pocket.

My biggest question is how in the world have these people not figured him out. With all the promotion Borat got, he looks EXACTLY the same except for the eyebrows and mustache. Easy fix, when his next movie starts filming and you see some crazy “foreign” guy that is being followed by cameras and looks just like Sacha Baron Cohen, ask him why his mom named him Sacha. They will stop filming and walk away. Done. If everyone would just do that the world would be a better place so we don’t have to see this SAME movie OVER and OVER and OVER again.

This movie also makes me question what exactly will get a NC-17 rating now? I have seen the NC-17 version of Showgirls and this was WAYYY worse.