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BJ’s Imported Winter Warmers Beer Tasting and Dinner

14 Mar

On Tuesday March 10th I attended BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Orlando’s Imported Winter Warmers Beer Tasting and Dinner. First question you may have, is why is BJ’s doing a “Winter” event in March in  Florida. I know, it didn’t make the most sense since it was 80+ outside, but I’m not going to turn down a 5 course beer and food dinner!

If you have never been to BJ’s, I recommend you find one and go! Check out my previous review. My parents and Rob joined me at BJ’s for this wonderful meal, and oh boy was it wonderful!

Here is the menu:

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BJ’s Brewhouse

12 Jul

A new restaurant opened up down the road at The Loop West. The Loop is a large outdoor mall in Kissimmee and it is expanding with another “loop” that they are calling The Loop West. Most of the West side is not open yet, but it does have a Circuit City, Babies ‘R Us (shouldn’t they sell babies? Toys ‘R Us sells toys!) and JC Penny open. BJ’s Brewhouse opened a week or two ago, but this was my first visit. I checked their website and found they brew their own beers, on average they have 8 of them on tap! Here is the list! They also brew their own root beer!

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