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Birthday 2010!

10 Jun

It was awesome! Benihana was very yummy (though maybe not as good as Kobe) and Pat O’Briens at City Walk was a good time! But most of all the people were awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out or texted me or hit me up on Facebook.

Here is the official Benihana photo:

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Twenty-nine Years Ago the World Changed

6 Jun

Yup, you have it right. Twenty-nine years ago in a hospital in Springfield, Illinois a young woman was making history. She was giving birth to her first, and best, child. A ravishing young baby who would turn out to be one of the great blog minds on the internet.

Yup, that is right. It is my twenty-ninth birthday!! This also means I’m starting my thirtieth year! WOW! Mom, you are old! j/k


Just imagine this, only with a Benihana hat!

Tonight some family, friends and I will be hitting up Benihana! It is my first trip to the “original” as I have only eaten at Kobe (like last year!). Kobe is REALLY good, but I have to try out Benihana and see if they do anything to make them special. Oh yea, and they give you $30 to spend if its your birthday!

Happy Birthday Jenny Cate!!!!

13 May

Today is a VERY VERY special day! It is Jenny Cate’s birthday!

Us looking hot!

Alright everyone, sing along!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday  Jenny Cate!

Happy birthday to you!!!!!

I’m so thrilled to be able to share in this birthday with you sweetie! I love you so much and thank God that he put you in my life!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

7 Jun

Yes, yesterday was my 28th birthday and I must say it was a blast!!!

I would like to thank everyone who came out to spend some time with me!

First Jenny Cate spent the WHOLE day with me (and I didn’t have to pay her!) and even bought me breakfast for lunch to start the day!

Met up with Kati, Little Monkey, mom, dad, Jenny Cate, Rob and Tara for a couple games of bowling. Original plan was for mini-golf, but the weather was ugly…

Posing for a picture taken by Paul at the bowling alley. The shirt is a gift!

Posing for a picture taken by Little Monkey at the bowling alley. The shirt is a gift!

Dinner was AMAZING! I love Kobe!! Thanks to Jess, Joe, Atticus, Westley, Caelan, A.C., Barbara, Tara, Rob, mom, dad and Jenny Cate for sharing in the fun. Even with the very small children at the table, our chef ended up making it probably the most adult show I’ve ever seen!!

My birthday photo! Check out the cupcakes!!!!

My birthday photo! Check out the cupcakes!!!!

Rounded off the night with some time spent at my new favorite bar, Big Daddy’s Roadhouse for some karaoke!

I also made out pretty well in the gift department!

I got a bar of yummy Godiva dark chocolate and an Orlando Magic 2009 Eastern Conference Champions T-Shirt from JC (pictured above).

The family got me EA Sports Active and a heightened step for the balance board (I’m not certain that the link is to the exact product I got, but close enough). Also got a Mickey Mouse garden gnome (straight from the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival) which will be traveling with us on our trip this summer!!

Jess, Joe and the babes got me Guitar Hero Metallica for my Wii!! I’ve played it at their house and there are some KICK ASS songs on that disc! I don’t have the full band setup, but I might have to add a mic so I can sing!

Rob and Tara got me a full body condom and a case of beer!!

A.C. and Barbara got me a gift card to GameStop (did someone say mic for Guitar Hero???).

Once again I want to thank my awesome friends and family for a great day!

Happy Birthday Kaiti!!!

28 May


31 Jan

Today is my mom’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Mom has decided to have a “themed day” for her birthday. We are going to spend some time at Dinosaur World in Plant City. We’ve driven by this “theme park” many MANY times going to Busch Gardens and always joked about going there, so we are.

For dinner we have reservations at the brand new T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney! This restaurant is owned by Landry’s, the same people who own the Rainforest Cafe chain, and somewhat resembles its sister restaurant.

I warned mom that there was a possibility that some people may, me, may joke about the theme of her day, but she had her mind made up!

I expect to review both Dinosaur World and the T-Rex Cafe in the coming days!


14 Nov

Happy Birthday man!

What can I say? You are flipping old! For those of you who know Rob he is planning a night of karaoke at Kimonos within The Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort tomorrow, Saturday the 15th.

Thanks to my job I probably won’t be there. Have a good time and drink some sake for me!

Thank You!

7 Jun

Thank You to everyone who came out tonight…I had a blast!

Thank Mom, Dad, Danny, Rob, Jessica, Joe, Caelan and Dave!

Kung Fu Panda was great!! (Expect a review soon)…Red Rock Canyon was a nice upgrade over my hooters thought!! And I LOVED Fun Spot!!

I swear that soon I’m gonna hit up the Kissimmee Fun Spot, if the tracks are as fun that will be a new thing I’ll do for some fun! I had forgotten how much fun Go Karting can be with friends!

Bottom line is I appreciate everyone who came out for me…I really REALLY appreciate it! You made my birthday awesome!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

6 Jun

It’s my birthday!!!!! And I’m not crying…yet!

Updated Birthday Plans!

5 Jun

Here are my plans for tomorrow. If you wish to join me for any or all of these activities let me know. Continue reading